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DJI Hacking HowTo Guides

Basic Download And Install

  • Toolchain: Install the toolchain required to have fun
  • Tools: Reverse engineering tools (Not required for most users)

Firmware Archive

  • Firmware: Git links to firmware archive

DUML: Upload, download, and root access

DJI GO tweaks for Android APK

DJI GO tweaks for IOS IPA

  • iosrollback: Some data that is useful in rolling back IOS DJI apps

DJI GO Config Hacks (IOS and Android )

  • FCC-Hack: Some config hacks to change radio transmission settings for those outside the USA

Our Repositories

  • git: How to find our git repositories, and a cheat sheet on using GIT

Parameter Hacks

  • parameterhacks: Parameter Hacks - Simple guide to changing some parameters, including recommended values.
  • parameterindex: Parameter Index - What parameters can you change? This will be a parameter dictionary.

General unoffical tricks

app.asar exploration

  • app.asar: How to extract and explore the DJI Assistant code


IOS APP Tweaking

  • iosmod: How to build custom IOS app's
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