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The deeyayeye modder is a tool to modify the original apk and give the users the ability to control what the app does and what not. For example you get the choice to stop the app from calling home and sending your data there (offline mode) or to fix the broken detection of FCC/CE and force FCC in FCC countrys when you use a non-GPS tablet with CE simcard inside of a FCC country. The patches are done by an open-source patching system you can find here:

If you want to contribute a patch of your own open a pull-request.

NOTE: Deeyayeye-Modder is about selecting & applying mods, not about creating them. If you want to create one yourself with free tools i would recommend: Use the .bat or .sh in the modder as a starting point to see how the APK is dissected until its laid out into .smali files (and maybe create 2 simple bat files out of the original, the first can create the file structure and apply patches, the second can build & sign the apk, this way its easy to play with smali files and give it a go). I use jadx (0.61 on mac, on windows they recommend .54) to load up the .apk. There i search the places in Java pseudo code i want to patch. Jadx shows the corresponding SMALI line numbers which is GREAT. So you search the vulnerable position and then edit the smali file e.g. with TextWrangler or Notepad++. Then rebuild the APK and test. Fast turnaround, maximum comfort. Good luck, keep contributing stuff :-) Ender

P.S. Learn about Smali opcodes here :

And about much more here:

APK Creation Using Windows Command Line

Grab the files from bin4ry.

Unzip them to a folder. Create a tools folder.

Get this: and install it. Go to the installed directory and copy patch.exe to the tools folder

Go get this and put it in the tools folder too:

Next get this: and download apktool_2.2.3.jar and put it in the tools folder. Rename it to apktool.jar

This one too: Yup, goes in the tools folder

You may need to install Java Development Kit, you can get it here:

Now, you should have the following files in your tools folder: Apktool.jar, bspatch.exe, patch.exe and sign.jar

Go get the 4.1.3 APK from here: Put it in the PutApkHere folder. Rename this apk to orig.apk. Do you see how easy bin4ry made this for you? You need to tell him thanks.

Run RunMe.bat as admin. If you don’t know how to do this, just stop right now. Follow the prompts, you can now choose what patches you want to apply!! Pick a number for the corresponding patch and hit enter to move to the next choice. Once you are done, enter P, then enter again. It may take a while, so be patient.

APK Creation Using Windows GUI

The WinAPK Patcher is a GUI version of the windows Command line above. It is dependent on downloading the same files as above.

1. Download and extract to the root of your c drive. You should end up with a folder named PatchAPK on your C drive.

2. Right click on “My Computer” select “Properties” and then “Advanced System Settings” and then “Environment Variables”. You should have an entry like the following. “Path C:\PatchAPK\tool” If not, edit or add it.

3. Install gnuwin32 and copy 'patch.exe' into 'tools' folder, you can get it here:

4. You may need to install Java Development Kit, you can get it here:

5. Install .Net Framework 4.6.2 if you don't have it:

6. Download the apk from here Be sure the APK name does not have any spaces in it. For example, change the apk from “DJI GO 4 4.1.3.apk” to “DJIGO4413.apk”, or even just “orig.apk” etc. Then for the sake of ease, put the apk in c:\patchAPK

7. Click OK until you are out of those windows.

8. Go to the PatchAPK folder and double click PatchAPK.exe (Run as Administrator)

9. Click on “FILE” and select the app version you have and want to patch. 4.1.3 in this case.

10. Click on “FILE” and Browse to c:\PatchAPK and select the apk file you downloaded and renamed.

11. Click decompile (this will take a little time to complete.)

12. Select the patches you want and click patch. (This should not take more than a few seconds.)

13. Select Build and Sign, this will take a little time to complete.

14. Once it is finished you can find your patched app in c:\PatchAPK\decompile\dist

APK Creation using OSX / Linux

1. Toolchain

Install your toolchain as per the instructions here. You only need to do this once… but check the instructions to see if there are any new tools that you may need.

2. Get the deejayeye-modder magic

If this is your first time using deejayeye-modder, you will need to checkout the code from git.

cd ~/Documents/
git clone
cd deejayeye-modder
chmod u+x

If you have done this before and you want to make sure you have the latest code, you just need to sync to the most recent version

cd ~/Documents/deejayeye-modder
git pull
ln -s ~/Documents/tools/ ~/Documents/deejayeye-modder/

4. Get an apk

Go get the 4.1.3 APK from here:

Put the original file into the “PutApkHere” folder and name it orig.apk

5. Mod away


You will find your modified apk file in the out/ directory

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