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Rollback IOS GO App

Stay away from iTunes 12.7 - you won’t be able to upload IPA file from Mac/PC to iDevice. This option has been removed by Apple forcing you to redownload IPA directly from iDevice. Programs section is no longer available in iTunes and you can’t download IPA directly into your Mac. If you still want to download previous versions of any program stay with iTunes 12.6.

Video guide

Watch video to see an example of using the steps below. Links to files needed and app version codes listed below.

Step By Step

  1. Remove any currently installed version of iTunes. (OSX users see below).
  2. Download and install iTunes 12.3.1
  3. Download and install Charles Web Proxy 4.x
  4. Rename the file iTunesLibrary.itl to *.old
  5. Open iTunes and Charles and in iTunes, search for DJI Go 4
  6. Download app, enter login.
  7. Edit value in Charles to download the version of DJI Go you want.
  8. Uninstall Go 4 from iPhone or iPad.
  9. If you want to prevent IOS from bugging you to update the App, extract iTunesMetadata.plist from the IPA (it's a zip file, so Betterzip would be fine), edit (with PlistEditor or XCode) and remove “softwareVersionExternalIdentifier” and “softwareVersionExternalIdentifiers” from it and save the file back to the IPA.
  10. Sync new version with device from iTunes.

Breakpoint Problems

If Charles does not interrupt the download like in the video above, you probably will need to go into Charles and specifically set the break-point to occur. Watch the video on how to do this.

OSX iTunes Removal

OSX will complain that iTunes is a core part of OSX and prevent you from uninstalling it. Follow these steps to bypass the warnings.

  1. Navigate to the Applications folder and find the iTunes app file (/Applications/
  2. Right-click (or Control-click) on iTunes and select Get Info. Locate and click on the padlock icon on the bottom right side of the window and enter your admin password.
  3. Next, expand the Sharing & Permissions section of the window if it’s not already visible and change the privileges for “everyone” to Read & Write.

This will give us complete control of the iTunes application so that we can override the operating system’s warning and delete it.

Files You Need


Charles proxy:

DJI Go Version | appextvrsids Reference


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