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Here is a quick how to:

  1. Go and get a Google Maps API license key. When I signed up, Google asked for a payment option, but gives you more than enough free use, that you won't get charged a thing for our use of Google Maps in GO.
  2. Download latest modder from
    1. Edit the RunMe.bat file with Notepad ++ and place a pause in it. See graphic. This is for Windows. Save the RunMe.bat file as RunMePause.bat, so you keep the original.
  3. Patch the latest 4.1.22 NoSecNeo APK.
  4. Make sure you enable Matioupi's runtime_use_GoogleMap patch, and use your new Pause.bat file The APK will decompile, run all the patches and then pause before recompiling so then you can edit the AndroidManifest.xml file in the decompile folder.
  5. edit the AndroidManifest.xml and enter your Google Maps key into line 61, overwriting the key thats already there. Leave the HERE maps key alone, since we want that to work also.
  6. Continue on with the modder and let it compile
  7. Install your new patched .apk. On your device, go to your /dji/ folder and create a subfolder and name it og_settings Inside that folder create a file called useGoogleMap and place it there. (I just created a .txt file and deleted the .txt extension) This is the key file. With this file there, Matioupi's patch will look for it upon start up of GO, and if it is there, you will have Google maps instead of HERE maps! (after initial startup and sign in, and then a restart of GO) I created the folder and placed the file after I installed GO, and ran it twice to do a quick configuration. Not sure if that is necessary, but it worked for me.
  8. To switch maps, close GO, and I just renamed the og_settings folder, so GO skips it. Start GO and you now have HERE maps!
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