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Exploring app.asar

This document describes how to unpack the contents of app.asar, which is one of the components of Dji Assistant. The instructions below assume you are running on OSX. Most of these instructions will readily translate to most Linux variants.

1. Toolchain

Install your toolchain as per the instructions here. You only need to do this once… but check the instructions to see if there are any new tools that you may need.

2. Install DJI assistant

Install DJI assistant from here if it is not already installed.

3. Extract the ASAR file

cd ~/Documents/nodejs
./node_modules/asar/bin/asar.js e /Applications/ ./app.asar.extr

4. Format the results

./node_modules/standard/bin/cmd.js --fix "./app.asar.extr/**/*.js"

The output is some interesting files which can help in understanding how DJI assistant works.


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