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Free Drone-Pilot Training at Grossmont College; Classes Start in March - Grossmont College is offering a comprehensive training program that can transform amateurs into licensed commercial drone pilots in three months.
The Drone Science Company: Sharing Tools and Tech With Detroit’s Future Scientists - “We Felt Like Innovation Would Be The Next Opportunity For Young People In The City Of Detroit”
Aerospace engineering faculty, students create drone to detect wildfires - With wildfires spanning across the western United States, Haiyang Chao, associate professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Kansas, and his students have received a grant to create a new unmanned aircraft system, commonly referred to as a drone or UAS, allowing improvements in tracking fire line and direction.
DHS Planning Drone Mitigation and Tracking Evaluations Later This Year - The Department of Homeland Security will evaluate systems later this year to detect, track, identify, or defeat drones flying where they don’t belong.
Skeyetech Receive First European Approval for Fully Autonomous Drone Flights - In a first and a historic milestone for the civilian professional drone in Europe the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGAC) which regulates drones uses in France, has approved a fully-automated drone with no pilot, paving the way to new applications.
'Drone Avenger': Local man uses drone to expose illegal dump sites across Cleveland - A local Cleveland homeowner, a self-proclaimed “Drone Avenger,” is helping expose and clean up illegal dump sites throughout the city.
DJI: From dorm project to global drone domination - DJI went from a dorm project to global drone domination in a very short time. The Shenzhen-based company generated total sales of 2.7 billion USD in 2017.
Drone Delivery Canada Launches Operations Center in Vaughan, Ontario Canada - Drone Delivery Canada has announced that it will be launching its commercial operations in a 16,000 square foot facility located in Vaughan, Ontario Canada as commercial operations commence in 2019.
Florida Appraiser Uses Drones to Keep Up with Rapid Growth - St. Johns County property appraisers have turned to unmanned aerial vehicles to streamline the assessment and permitting process in one of the nation’s fastest developing areas.
Intel breaks its own record in Super Bowl drone light show - Intel isn’t disclosing exactly how it was able to participate in a glitzy half-time show live during the Super Bowl—complete with floating lanterns forming the words “ONE” and “LOVE”—but it did reveal that it used 150 enhanced Intel Shooting Star drones to pull it off, choreographed to the music of Maroon 5.
Data61 spin-out launches LIDAR-mapping autonomous drone payload product - Emesent's Hovermap allows drones to fly safely in GPS-denied environments
The sky's the limit - Despite her title as the world's youngest female drone champion, Wanraya Wannapong doesn't like being in the spotlight. Even with all eyes and cameras on her as she mounts the winning podium holding first prize, she keeps her poker face.
Drones Help Tackle Pollution Problem in Bangkok - Five drones were used for dust reduction at Lan Khon Muang, in front of City Hall, on Thursday. The number would be increased and the operation widened, the governor said, “Each drone could carry 5-10 litres of water and could be flown over a two-square-kilometre area for 15-20 minutes on one charge. Drones will spray only clean water into the air, with the Bangkok Fire and Rescue department supervising the operation.’’
Cosby's Publicist Blames National Enquirer for Drone - Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt told NNPA Newswire that Cosby was walking across the yard for his daily exercise and prison officials were also escorting the blind comedian to his new quarters, in a veteran’s wing of the new prison, when the drone was spotted.
FLYMOTION releases first Mobile Drone Command Trailer - FLYMOTION, a leading provider of unmanned systems, innovative technology solutions and system integration is proud to introduce our newest Mobile Drone Command Trailer built in partnership with E-ONE, a subsidiary of REV Group and a leading manufacturer of fire apparatus, made its debut at Fire Rescue East Conference and Trade Show in Daytona Beach, Fla.
Iran’s latest homemade drone resembles orange whale - Iran’s latest homemade drone resembles an orange whale… and won’t be applauded for its stealth. Experts knock it as modified 1948 US jet trainer.
Murder suspect arrested, deputies found him with a drone - Story - A suspect was arrested and charged with a murder in Bartlett. The suspect was found with the WCSO Drone and surrendered to deputies with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office after 5 a.m. on…
Six Drones Confiscated in Atlanta Ahead of Super Bowl - Authorities in Atlanta have confiscated six drones that violated a temporary order not to fly the devices in the area ahead of the NFL's Super Bowl on Sunday, federal officials said.
Drone technology will revolutionise the human experience - The technology to implement sophisticated drones is already available, but just like in the days when the internet had just appeared, it is taking some time for the general public and the government to embrace these ideas. But as soon as they do, it will be like a chain explosion that will result in a meaningful invasion of drones in almost all, if not all, aspects of our lives. It is almost safe to state that, “In the near future, everyone will have some drone extension of themselves somewhere.”
The Drone Movie Review - Truth be told, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Rubin gives us something that would have fit perfectly on the Empire International Pictures or Full Moon Features rosters 30 years ago. There’s a ridiculous premise, corny dialog, and a cheesy soundtrack clearly evoking the orchestral synth of Richard Band’s seminal scores. Remember when you could rent some crappy Charles Band movie from the local video rental shop and invite some friends over for pizza and beer? This is one of those.
Forest Service Guidelines for Drone Usage in the Bighorns - The National Forest Service is more lax than many other entities when it comes to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). In most cases, they defer to the FAA standard and have recently issued the following new guidelines for hobbyists to follow:
Drones are reaching new heights in the fight against climate change - Drone technology, primarily associated with film making or the military, is now being used in novel ways to combat man made climate change.
A Day in the Life of a Construction Drone Pilot - No two days are the same when you’re flying an eye in the sky. When Colin Romberger was a young man, he dreamed of becoming a pilot or skydiving instructor so he could navigate the skies and provide a bird’s eye view of the world below.
Man jailed over HMP Liverpool drone drug-drop attempt - Anthony Cheeney crashed a drone carrying drugs and phones as he tried to fly it into HMP Liverpool.
VIDEO: UAVs enter the Guinness World Record books - A drone show put on by the Dubai Police Academy achieved the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive formations created by UAVs same set.


Australia Drone News

Police slam 'extremely dangerous' drone flying near Tasman fire zone - Drones can hamper helicopters fighting the 1900-hectare inferno.
DroneShield can now sell its drone-killing technology to NATO countries - DroneShield can now sell its drone-killing technology to NATO countries
Drone Video Shows Surging River in Townsville as Flash Floods Continue - A flood warning for the Black River, in Townsville, Queensland, remained in place on Saturday, February 2. The region continued to battle floods brought on by monsoon weather. Water levels in the river rose to around 3.5 metres on Saturday, the Bureau of Meteorology reported. “Stream levels along the Black River and Bluewater Creek are currently steady and remain below the minor flood level, the BoM said in a statement. “Fast renewed rises are expected if heavy rainfall moves back into the catchment areas.”



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