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Drone News for Week of October 8th 2018

Drone NewsBytes "Your Unfiltered Drone News Source"

How Swarms of Super Intelligent Drones Are Taking Over Live Entertainment

XRY Drone - new technology to acquire and analyze drone data - is introduced by MSAB and URSA

Medicines Successfully Delivered Using a Parcel Drone in East Africa

The Flying Rescuer: meet Dubai's new life-saving drone

Drones mimicking bees could be used to pollinate farms of the future

Police investigating whether drone footage filmed over Goose Fair breached flying laws

Drone gives wings to STEM students

College offers commercial drone class

This online community expands visibility for female drone pilots

Drone with thermal imaging camera locates kidnapped assault victim

This NYC Startup Has Created The Most Immersive Form of Travel Using Drones


FLIR nano-drones are now able to be automatically launched from vehicles

Startupstaging Inc. Offers $1 Shipping with Drone Delivery System

It's now simpler — but still not easy — to fly a drone on the University of Iowa campus

Ban On Function Coverage With Drone Cameras

Sex offender believed to have been supplied phones in prison - via a drone

Drone Company Opens Flight Training Class to Boca Raton

Drone Holds Your Phone for Selfies… Or Does It?

Nepali scientists deploy drones to count endangered crocodiles

Australia Drone News

Drones could become a tool for pest control in New Zealand

DroneShield Ltd Release of DroneCannon RW

Drones make mockery of right to quiet

Wildlife conservation to airspace sanitisation: Eight commercial uses of drones

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