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Drone News for Week of July 16th 2018

Drone NewsBytes

Introducing an new level of stupid - Drone films A380 taking off

A New Type Of Drone - The Tricopter comes into its own

Watch Intel’s effort to outshine its world record with 1,500-drone light show

Scammers Are Charging Drone Owners Up To $150 For $5.00 Registration, FAA Warns

Nikola Tesla's Third Greatest Invention: The First Drone

FAA Pushes for Repeal of Section 336 and More Authority Over Recreational Operators

Mountaineer Rick Allen was feared dead on Broad Peak, but a DJI Mavic Pro drone found him alive

Introducing an new level of stupid - Drone films A380 taking off

Bulgaria's first new plane in decades is a freakishly strong drone

Commercial Drone Alliance to Meet With House of Representatives' Aviation Subcommittee

Drone Harmony's Cell Tower Scan App Automates Inspections

The Drones you need

US Reaper drone data leaked on dark web, researchers say

UPDATE - Security Firm Stops Dark Web Sale of Reaper Drone Documents

Drone Camp flies into South Sioux City

OSU Testing New Drone Concept at Tuttle High School

Law enforcement locates missing subjects with aerial drone

American Fork Police seek suspect in alleged drone theft

Ready for liftoff? Two flying taxi startups got Pentagon funding

Idaho Falls Police Officer Tapped to Help State Create Drone Safety Council

Who Will Police Police Drones?

Drought in Ireland Leads to Discovery of Neolithic Henge

Sunbathing Swedish woman reports neighbour for watching her with drone

The International Drone Racing Association Picks Official Drone for 2018

Abu Dhabi's Krypto Labs Launches $1 Million Drone Design Competition

First Civilian-Registered Drone Completes Historic Transatlantic Flight

U.S. Navy tests drone helicopter with manned Seahawk chopper

Whisper Drone could stop the whining

Vicksburg Police Department Receives FAA Authorization to Use Drones

Dog Attack Causes Pilot To Crash Drone And Start Fire

Passenger Drones Are Landing Soon As The Race To The Skies Heats Up

Drone tested trying to intercept incendiary balloon

Palm Harbor drone pilot documents whale slaughter in Iceland

Exploding drone battery causes major damage to a Eugene home

Concept drone flies without propellers!

Drone Recovered on Tarmac Near Runway at San Francisco International Airport Prompts Investigation

Grenade-loaded drone lands at Mexico official's house

3 ways regulations need to change for the drone industry to take off

Kitsap licensed drone pilots concerned by constraints of drone ordinance

Intel bringing its aerial ballet to Folsom with world record show Sunday

DJI Adds Geofencing Flexibility for Enterprise Users

Drama at 1,000ft: Chinook narrowly misses crashing into illegal drones flying above London

Flying high: Drone developed by Anna varsity team in air for 6 hours

Drone technology used to fight local mosquitoes

XBlades Drone sets Guinness World Record at 240km per hour

Drone Researchers Develop Genius Method For Piloting Using Body Movements

AirSelfie’s second-gen selfie drone with better flight time is now available

Colorado Mayor Joins Drone Advisory Committee

This new counter-drone weapon can take down advanced drone communicators with less power, weight

Drone Monitors Crops at Capetown Farm, Reduces Chemical Use by 30 Percent

DJI seeks alternatives as drone market hits saturation point

Singapore drone swarm descends on England’s great northern exhibition (with Video)

Airobotics makes autonomous drones in a box

Drone image shows path drunk driver took through field

3 Best Drone Launch Pads in 2018

Drones for Good: Intel and the Great Wall of China Expedition

Australia Drone News

AUSTRALIA - Anti-drone missile system at school

AUSTRALIA - Terrigal Skillion cliff collapse: People warned to stay away

AUSTRALIA - Using Unmanned Systems to Better Understand Australia’s Dugong Populations

AUSTRALIA - Journalist detained as he flies drone dangerously close to helicopter during rescue Thai football team

AUSTRALIA - The Complex Engineering of the simple hook that could make Drone deliveries real

AUSTRALIA - Efforts to fight Bray Head gorse fire hampered by drones

AUSTRALIA - Watch: Drone footage shows large slip brought down by heavy rains in Coromandel

AUSTRALIA - Airbus marks two milestones for Zephyr solar-powered drone

AUSTRALIA - Shark Tank judges fire up over “rude, arrogant” pitch

How To Videos - A Place to Learn

How to get pro level DJI drone shots as explained by Droneworks Studios [video]

How to Safely Charge and Store Lithium Drone Batteries

Ken Videos

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