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Drone News for Week of Feb 25th

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New drone regulations impact U.S. broadcasters - The FAA has issued a new set of rules which will impact broadcasters in the United States requiring all unmanned aircraft systems (or drones) to display official registration numbers on the outside of the aircraft.
Makers of the AK-47 Assault Rifle Have Built a Kamikaze Drone - Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov, the company behind the world famous AK-47 assault rifle, has developed a smart kamikaze drone. Here's how the autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle works – and how it could potentially change the face of modern warfare as we know it.
Drone Used To Find Deaf Runaway - Drone Used To Find Deaf Runaway Teen - Fremont, CA - The student ran away from the California School for the Deaf earlier this month.
Bill to ban drones over Kentucky prisons takes off - Department of Corrections officials testified in support of Senate Bill 157 which would describe drones as contraband and make it a crime to fly over a prison.
Drone searching for missing dog shot out of the sky - As the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom was flying over his house, the 26-year-old Gerard Chasteen allegedly got his shotgun and shot the drone out of the sky.
Bystanders trampled by skijoring horse spooked by drone file lawsuit over 2017 incident in Silverton - When everything goes as planned in the Nordic sport of skijoring, a horse with a rider runs down a track, tugging a skier over obstacles and jumps.
Bengaluru city firm develops drone to lift 75 kg ammunition - The drone which runs on aero turbine fuel can lift nearly 75 kg and run for two hours non-stop.
Jeff Bezos promised drone deliveries by 2019 — but 3 things are missing - Five years ago, Jeff Bezos promised in a 60 Minutes interview that drones would deliver goods to our homes by 2019. With the new year upon us, it’s exciting to think that drone package delivery could be a reality in the US, just as it’s starting to happen in other countries.
Thermal drone purchase to help keep Lewis County, WV, firefighters safe - A new purchase will help keep Pricetown Volunteer Fire Department firefighters safe during emergency calls as soon as this summer.
Drone tracking radar in use at Heathrow after disruption - The equipment – a radar system with the technology to stop the devices from flying in a certain zone – is being operated by the RAF over the airfield to “quickly detect and disrupt any illegal drone activity”.
This school girl’s startup creating waves - AgriVeda, a Hyderabadbased agriculture startup, recently raised 8 lakh Rs 57 crore and undoubtedly, it is one of few startups from the City of Pearls, which could raise such a significant amount of funds But the better part of the story is that it was founded in 2017 by a sixthgrade student,
Soldiers seized AAC drone used in monitoring polls - PRESIDENTIAL candidate of the Africa Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore, has accused the Nigerian military of shooting down a drone used by members of his party to monitor elections in Ondo State on Saturday. The drone is still in the custody of the soldiers.
Fremont Police use drone with FLIR camera to find missing teen - The police of the City of Fremont in California used a drone with a FLIR camera to find a missing teenager.
Marwan Madi wants to empower Texas farmers with drones. - Ever since his senior year of high school in Sugar Land, Marwan Madi saw the potential for “precision agriculture” using drones that can detect the health or stress of vegetation.
Frenchman faces Myanmar court on drone flying charge - A Frenchman by the name of Arthur Desclaux has appeared in a Myanmar court on a drone flying charge after having been arrested two weeks ago.
Judge orders drone destroyed due to risky drone flight - A man caused chaos on the M48 after climbing a tower of the Severn Bridge and attempting to fly a drone from it, a court has heard.


Australia Drone News

Rules and regulations for drone use from CASA - Police are receiving more inquiries relating to drone use. Below are the laws simplified, sourced from CASA website to guide users and ensure safety and enjoyment for all.
National Parks Australia uses drones to remotely find and track elusive wildlife - The NPA has partnered with Canberra-based startup Wildlife Drones to not only increase the height of radio receivers and speed up the coverage of a national park that covers almost half of the ACT. “If we can just fly a drone overhead and collect GPS data without having to negotiate cliffy areas and Blackthorn scrub, it would save lots of time and energy and a few twisted ankles,” said Dr Don Fletcher, a volunteer researcher NPA.



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