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Drone News for Week of

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Drone Smashes into Chicago High-Rise - The Chicago Tribune reported an incident about a drone that had crashed into an upper floor of a building east of Michigan Avenue downtown Thursday morning, breaking a window but injuring no one.
The SiteWasp drone basically replaces the Supervisor at a construction site - Made to do a better job than a construction supervisor, and in less time, the SiteWasp can complete an entire recon in a matter of hours, whereas it would take a human days to complete an exhaustive check of the building and its progress. Built to do the job well, this quad-copter comes with a circular body and a camera that can rotate as much as 200° on this circular axis, which enables direct scans of both horizontal and vertical surfaces—all done without changing its position. The SiteWasp can also cover areas that are especially difficult for manual measuring like elevator tunnels.
FAA: New Drone or UAS Marking Rule - Federal Aviation Administration FAA released immediate rule change to require external registration # markings on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, drones, beginning Feb 25
Ordnance Survey Developing Solar Powered, High Altitude Pseudo Satellite Drone - Mapping organisation Ordnance Survey plans to launch a solar-powered drone to capture higher quality images of the Earth.
Elroy Air Receives Funding for its Cargo Drone - According to the Elroy’s official website the Chaparral will take off and land vertically, like a helicopter, using six rotors. A rotor attached to the tail will allow for cruising at a brisk pace. Chaparral neither needs a runway nor an airport nor does it require an electric charging station, thanks to its “hybrid-electric power-train”.
It’s Not Just Big Tractors at National Farm Machinery Show, Drones Also on Display - It wasn’t just the big tractors and planters on display at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville. Drone technology is becoming more and more prevalent on the farm as data becomes such a valuable tool. Jeff Dickens is with AeroVironment, a drone company offering not only the equipment but the software to decipher what your drone is showing you. He knows that farmers like to wait until technology has been tried, tested, and is true before implementing it on their operation.
Larimer County drone finds runaways with infrared - As darkness fell and temperatures began to plummet Saturday night, the Larimer County Unmanned Aerial Systems located a pair of missing juveniles using heat.
Drone Graffiti Project launched at Mexico City street art fair - Among the more unconventional uses of drones is an ability that enables graffiti artists to reach places never before possible.
FPL using drones to survey equipment, assess power poles - The utility company's drone program has been in place for five years and the pilots are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.
The Army is buying this pocket-sized drone in bulk for recon at platoon and below - The drone can fly for nearly half an hour and it can range for more than a kilometer.
DroneHunter demo in the skies above Utah’s capitol - The DroneHunter is like a flying robot spider with Spiderman-like web shooting skills, and it’s made by a Utah company. Fortem Technologies showed off their invention at the Utah State Capitol Building.


Australia Drone News

SA solar drone tech to debut at Avalon air show - South Australian-designed solar technology with the ability to triple the flying time of drones will be exhibited for the first time at the Avalon aviation expo this month.
Virgin plane reports close shave with drone - A drone reportedly came within metres of a Virgin Australia Boeing 737 approaching Brisbane Airport in the latest scare involving the ubiquitous remotely piloted aircraft.
RAW: Drone shows diminishing water levels in Darling River near Menindee - February 14, 2019. The Darling River below weir 32 near Menindee. Lower Darling River farmers argue the Murray-Darling Basin Plan has ignored their water needs and instead prioritised northern irrigators and South Australia.
Michael William Buder faces court over laser pointed at PolAir - A man who thought he was pointing a laser at a drone was instead pointing the beam at a police helicopter a “significant distance” away, a court has heard.


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