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Folding drone flies through small holes - A drone that can fold-up during flight to get through narrow gaps has been created by the University of Zurich. Servo-driven sideways folding hinges allow
Drone technology used to maintain historic Stone Arch Bridge - Intel publicly announced its plan to use drones to inspect the Stone Arch Bridge earlier this month in a partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Collins Engineers. The bridge is one of many structures across the state that are now being inspected with the technology.
Lift Aircraft's passenger drone is all about fun flights - While the likes of Uber, Airbus and Porsche tinker away on their respective passenger and transportation drones, a lesser-known startup is taking an altogether…
Tottenham Hotspur new stadium: Amazing drone footage will get fans excited - Spurs supporters could see Champions League football there at last!
Gun-wielding Point Sur Lighthouse trespasser caught with drone - Law enforcement officials in California used a drone to catch a gun-wielding trespasser, after he had broken into the Point Sur Lighthouse.
Nokia testing emergency drone tech system in PH - The collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs will use a network of LTE-connected drones equipped with cameras and sensors that can be deployed to disaster areas along with a portable LTE network.
Bird-like drone flaps its wings and uses thermals for lift - The bird-like drone would have flapping wings and sense gusts and thermals to help it gain speed and altitude. Just like real birds.
NCAA Football Games in Boise Used Black Sage Drone Detection in 2018 - Defense tech company Black Sage implemented a drone detection and identification system at NCAA football games in Boise in 2018.
AeroVironment drone assesses damage from Woolsey Fire — in 1 day - Assessing environmental damage in the wake of a disaster as devastating and massive as the Woolsey Fire can be daunting. But that job became far easier for the National Park Service when it enlisted the help of AeroVironment Inc. The Simi Valley-based company recently deployed one of its high-tech drones to survey the landscape and gain insight into the scope and scale of the damage.
Drone helps locate stolen tow truck, suspect in Bismarck - A stolen tow truck led to a brief chase in the Bismarck-Mandan area Monday afternoon.
Drone delivery to remote northern village - A company called “Drone Delivery Canada” has signed a $2.5 million deal to use drone technology to deliver small packages and mail to remote communities in the Ontario far north. The deal with the Moose Cree will deliver letters, general parcels, medical supplies, and other general necessities via its “Sparrow” model drone that can carry…
Will The Concept of Drone-based Delivery Work In India? - Drone deliveries in India haven’t had the greatest of starts, with many technical and regulatory hurdles. A Mumbai-based pizza outlet got in trouble for using an unmanned drone for food delivery.
Rich People are Protecting Their Homes With Surveillance Drones - Sunflower Labs will soon roll out its adorably-named robot security system: the Sunflower motion detection system and autonomous “Bee” surveillance drones.
Two tourists detained for flying drone over temple - The duo was on a tour to Odisha and had visited the World Heritage Site on Tuesday morning.


Australia Drone News

Three drone incidents reported - The Civil Aviation Authority is investigating after an Air New Zealand pilot reported seeing a drone pass in front of a passenger jet approaching Queenstown. The incident was one of three in the past week being investigated.
iTWire - Wildlife Drones raises funds, launches drone radio-tracking system - Australian tech start-up Wildlife Drones is set to launch its drone radio-tracking system to market after closing a seed funding round of $670,000. Th…
PowerVision water drone is first of its kind - <span style=“color:#414141;font-family:'MetaSerifWeb-Book', Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif;font-size:18px;”>PowerVision has launched the world’s first multi-functional water drone, designed for photographers, water sports enthusiasts, fishing advocates and divers.</span>



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