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Drone News for Week of August 20th 2018

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ASN Wikibase Occurrence # 214471 - Drone collides with Helicopter

UPDATE - FAA has been notified and is currently investigating the Hollywood Beach video we showcased last week - more to follow as it becomes available

Drone caught on surveillance camera hovering outside a woman's bedroom

Incredible moment a lifeguard DRONE saves a drowning woman and six other swimmers after they were swept out to sea in Spain

'It's like flying a dragonfly': Manitoba drone racers compete for spot at nationals

Lucie micro-drones dance with Drake in songs Elevate and Look Alive during show in Detroit

Drone Video Captures Abandoned Bayley Seton Hospital on Staten Island from Above

Consumer Drones Are Propaganda Tools, Not Killing Machines

Firefighters battle massive mulch fire in Harris County

Drone mysteriously crash lands in South Tampa yard, family hopes to reunite it with owners

Autonomous drones will help stop illegal fishing in Africa

Colombia Tests Drones to Destroy Coca Plants Used for Cocaine

Undergraduate team helps to develop drone-based intro robotics course

Arrest made in theft of drone

Ukrainian company unveils new drone with grenade launcher

Texas Students Undergo Drone Training for Public Safety Use

Intel Claims Leadership Role in Drone Regulation Space

Amazon Prime Air Drone Inducted to Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Flying blind: How a drone can soar without using GPS

Autonomous drone is making test flights in Kansas, Illinois

The Drone Revolution Shakes Up Tort Law

A game of drones takes off in Pullman

Asteria and SatSure sign agreement to integrate drone and satellite data analytics

DJI calls the August 23rd event their ‘biggest announcement of the year’ and admits that ‘it’s about time’.

Fire operations thwarted by drone

These 8 VTOL Passenger Drones That Actually Exist Will Blow Your Mind

Australia Drone News

Boeing Completes Autonomous Synchronised Drone Flight Tests in Australia

Ballarat kestrels are revealing their secrets of flight in wind tunnel testing for drone research

Australian Film Maker James Ricketson, Facing 10 Year Sentence for Flying a Drone in Cambodia

100% drought in Australia made visible through drone photos

Drone employed to check security of New Plymouth's water supply

One sky: we must develop a unified approach to the national airspace with drones in mind

Drone grounded NSW firefighting aircraft

How To Videos - A Place to Learn

A Guide to Drone Photography/Cinematography for Architecture

Ken Videos

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