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News for Week of July 2nd 2018

Drone NewsBytes

The US has an anti-drone gun that shoots drones at other drones

Drones over Wildfires May Soon Be Felony

Too close for comfort:Dangerous drones invade protected airspace daily

Drone captures pontoon wedding on Lake Darling

Will Promise Of Cost-Saving Inspections Fly?

Disney releases aerial drone footage of Toy Story Land

4 New Drones Aid Chula Vista Police in Investigations

Watch largest ship to ever cruise through Ballard Locks

Drones just learned to fly solo, which means Pro Racers may soon meet their match

NYC Management Firm Uses Drone to Improve Services

DJI and Leica Geosystems team up to develop the new Leica Aibot drone for aerial surveys

Lego and Volvo CE's futuristic autonomous loader has a tiny drone friend

Drones keeping Spokane firefighters safe

MIT Research will make Micro-Drones even smaller

AUSTRALIA - This Key U.S. Spy Ally Buys Northrop Drones To Keep Tabs On China

AUSTRALIA - Drone control 'too hard' for aviation watchdog

AUSTRALIA - AirTree backs US drone software start-up DroneDeploy in $US25 million round

AUSTRALIA - 1.4bn drone deal to target people-smugglers

AUSTRALIA - Nothing decent about letting peeping drones invade our space

AUSTRALIA - 60 minutes and China go to war over Drone

Pitbull - wearable drone jammer

Drone school created to teach young US Army soldiers

Drone-cam catches the moment cops corner 'menace' bikers

Drone comes dangerously close to Turkey-bound jet

Russian tourist cited for loitering, using drone

USGS Drone Saves Hawaii Resident from Lava Flow

Dallas college, aviation company team up for drone industry training for veterans

Drone fishermen are catching massive sharks by getting the bait as far as 1,000 feet away from the beach

Fire department deploys drones for illegal fireworks

Amazon files patent to protect their delivery drones from hijackers

Fireworks Swapped For Drones In Aspen

Drone users filming moorland fire are told to stop flying their devices over the inferno due to fears they could crash into helicopters dropping water on the blaze

Railway Protection force to use drones for safety

Plane with 230 passengers on board came within 10ft of hitting a drone after take-off at Luton Airport

FAA launches drone pilot survey

Illinois Declines to Adopt Proposed Arbitrary Drone Surveillance of Protests

Zephyr Drone Simulator Trains First Responder Drone Pilots

AUSTRALIA - World of Drones to land in Brisbane

DJI partners with TripAdvisor for an ‘epic’ push of the Mavic Air ahead of their new product launch

AUSTRALIA - Video shows shark yanking woman into water by her finger in Australia

Upper Hunter Shire Council issues warning to users of drones and other remote-controlled aircraft

Hero neighbor relives dog rescue from burning house as drone reveals devastating aftermath

Police haul in Egyptian launching drone in central Moscow

Greenpeace drone dressed like Superman, and a toy plane crash into French nuclear plant

Drone 6 video of water main break in Center City

Drones replace July 4th fireworks in western towns worried about wildfires. But where's the 'boom'?

Did a drone help a notorious French gangster escape from prison?

Naperville parks designating park field for drone flight

AUSTRALIA - Australia’s Big W to stock DJI drones

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