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News for Week of June 25th 2018

Drone NewsBytes

Smugglers now using camera drones to search for weak spots in the U.S. Border

China's robotic spy birds take surveillance to new heights

Drones are flying themselves - but how far should Washington let them go

Next time after a major disaster your cell service might be supplied by a drone

Queensland Festival lightshow disrupted by a drone

Umbrella drone makes its debut flight and its terrifying

County proposal to ban drones gets pushback from area drone pilots

English researchers develop a pothole reparing drone

Experimental flying Dragon drone...need I say more?

Journalists resort to using drones to film detention camps they are not allowed into by the government

Life Flight pilot recalls close call with a drone

Verifly Insurance adds support for Idaho, New Jersey, and Delaware to their app

Drone displays start to become more common

Kansas State Polytechnic receives FAA’s first waiver to a university to fly UAS beyond line of sight

Drone developed for predicting fights

Hundreds of Drones Displayed at 2018 World Drone Congress and Shenzhen International UAV Expo

Drone Deliveries Advance With $16M Boeing-Led Investment

Facebook abandons its plans to build giant drones and lays off 16 employees

South Korea's KT Telecom Reveals Airship Drone for Search and Rescue Missions

Korea Post Completes South Korea's First Successful Drone Delivery

IAI tests new capabilities of latest ROTEM 'Suicide Drone'

Now that the Autel drone is released will we see something new from DJI

US Navy funds underwater drone swarms

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