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Need an overview of what is available and how to proceed?:

Check out the awesome summary by QUAD808 Here

Have a question about something or need some advice?:

Check out the RCGroups thread Here BE SURE TO USE THE SEARCH FEATURE AND READ BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION! If you just show up and ask a question because you are too lazy to READ and SEARCH first, you will likely be IGNORED!

Looking for a video on how to mod your firmware or app?:

Check out the awesome videos made by digdate0 Here

Looking for a way to just pay for an service to do all this for you?:

Check out the only OG approved mod service No Limit Drones Here

DJI Go Versions:

Have a question about what DJI Go4 version does what or is modifiable? Go Here

Firmware Versions:

Looking for firmware or have a question about the firmware rev history? Use DankDroneDownloader available here

Have questions about what specific modules in the firmware do what? Go here

Have a question about how to easily bypass DJIs No Fly Zone Restrictions:

You will not find a detailed how-to for NFZ bypassing here. It can be done but you will have to do the work yourself. DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID IF YOU PROCEED WITH NFZ UNLOCKING! If you get in trouble for flying somewhere that it dangerous or prohibited by law, suck it up and pay the fine or do the time! To learn how to do this you need to review QUAD808's overview here and the Module Mixing tutorial available here if you want to have NFZ mods on later firmware versions.

New Questions

If you have a question, post it below. We'll add an answer in if we think its a good question.

Q1: Reverse Engineering of OcuSync Protocol: I am wondering if anyone has tried to reverse engineer the OcuSync protocol yet or if there are plans to do so? I believe this could be a very promising thing to do. It would enable to use of custom viewing devices such as any HDMI screen or FPV goggle (instead of the rather pricey/bulky DJI Goggles - Also DJI Goggles have several issues for people wearing glasses. There is no focus adjustment and some people simply can not use them). Thinking further it would also allow for custom controllers: e.g. It is just a rip-off that the Mavic & Spark Controllers are not interoperable even though they are both based on OcuSync. DJI did it on purpose to earn more money in selling more Combo-packages. Once the OcuSync has been broken it should be possible to port the code to a Raspberry Pi which would make for a perfect Ground Station or Viewing device (more than enough computation power and HDMI out). Just my 2ct, Cheers! Keep up the excellent work!

Answer: I had heard of some work in this area, but it is unpublished at this time. Keep an eye on the various GIT repo's for the OG team. Thats where you will find anything officially published.

Q1.1: Reverse Engineering of OcuSync Protocol: Thank you very much for your answer. Can you give a hint who the “OG team” is? I did some Google/GIT research but I am not sure about the results ;-) THX!

A1.1: Click “About” on this website. OG = “Original Gangsters”.

Q2: Bricked P2s which DJI caused with known broken firmware and refuse to fix: Are you aware of the horrible situation for huge amounts of Phantom2 pilots when DJI released a firmware which turned off their wifi and video and battery voltages readout - rendering the drone almost like a pathetic broken toy. There is a class action lawsuit to get DJI to fix this stuff. They are saying you have to pay $200 to get it fixed when it was their hokey firmware that ruined things. Who knows how the court case will come out but maybe some experts like you guys could do a firmware fix to take them back to a stable firmware perhaps with a dumldore type tool. The tens of thousands of people who cant fly now would love you and may also donate for helping them. Would you like to look at this.. or do you know much about this already. Respect for all your work… Dumldore rocks. from

A2: Most of the work here is focussed on current generation products. While we sympathize with the situation, the OG team generally don't possess the hardware required to assist with this request.

Q3: Disabeling VPS (aka Vision Positioning System) on DJI Spark : Recently we discovered that the VPS System of Spark (consisting of Optical Flow Camera and IR-Sensor Unit on the bottom of the device) has problems on certain surfaces or when flying over certain terrain. Whereas the VPS feature can be deactivated on P4 and Mavic DJI has decided to hide the VPS enable/disable dialog in DJI Go4 for its entry level drone. Is there any way to deactivate VPS without covering/taping the sensors? Taping the sensors results in copter constantly gaining height and acting unexpectedly. Thank you very much! Keep up the excellent work!

Q4: I Want the FCC mode on my P4 pro+. But can`t find the DJI Go 4 folder on the integrated Android Display. Is it possible to crck this device, or not?

Q5: Dji Go app before 4 models hacking: This app is giving many troubles to many users especially under Android devices, mainly for Phantom 3 SE and Standard but it seems to give problems with Professional too, resulting in (sometimes extremely) shortened range. It all began with a CE to FCC switching for the AC that were in fcc mode in ce countries. Unfortunately with that a “bug” came making it impossible to switch from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz, which granted higher ranges, with android devices. Any chance to get at least one of the two solved? Will the hacking tools work with the 3 app? Contact me for any info eventually needed at Thank you.

Q6: I'd like to use the FCC hack. I copied the .DJI.configs file into my Android device. When I start the DJI GO 4 app it shows me the dialog about the WIFI region. I click Cancel, everything looks good (I can fly further without loosing the signal), but if I check my Android phone after flying the .DJI.configs fly missing from the folder and at next flight I loose the signal again. Is it normal? If yes, I can copy the file again to its place, but would be better if I don't have to copy it all the time (as it is written in the description) Contact me if at if you have any question about my comment. Thank in advance. (05/01/2018)

Q7: I've been to the pyduml process and I'm stuck at the step 5 at the “deliver package” step. I've got this lines in the terminal Traceback (most recent call last):

File "", line 13, in <module>
  import serial

ImportError: No module named Serial

Q8: Is it possible, hack the firmware in the remote like GL300 to make the FCC hack permanet? This will support the iOS user.

Did I miss something ?


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