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Frequently Asked Questions

  • VERSIONS: The release notes published by DJI talk about features. What about problems? This is a community contributed set of release notes that will be progressively updated to share known issues.
  • DATALEAKAGE: This page will contain documented examples of data leakage related to the use of the DJI ecosystem.
  • LINKS: Where can I read more about this whole mod and hack community?
  • TRUST: You are hacking DJI firmware. Can I trust you?
  • LOGFILES: Where to find log files in DJI gear.

New Questions

If you have a question, post it below. We'll add an answer in if we think its a good question.

Q1: Reverse Engineering of OcuSync Protocol: I am wondering if anyone has tried to reverse engineer the OcuSync protocol yet or if there are plans to do so? I believe this could be a very promising thing to do. It would enable to use of custom viewing devices such as any HDMI screen or FPV goggle (instead of the rather pricey/bulky DJI Goggles - Also DJI Goggles have several issues for people wearing glasses. There is no focus adjustment and some people simply can not use them). Thinking further it would also allow for custom controllers: e.g. It is just a rip-off that the Mavic & Spark Controllers are not interoperable even though they are both based on OcuSync. DJI did it on purpose to earn more money in selling more Combo-packages. Once the OcuSync has been broken it should be possible to port the code to a Raspberry Pi which would make for a perfect Ground Station or Viewing device (more than enough computation power and HDMI out). Just my 2ct, Cheers! Keep up the excellent work!

Answer: I had heard of some work in this area, but it is unpublished at this time. Keep an eye on the various GIT repo's for the OG team. Thats where you will find anything officially published.

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