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Drone News for Week of May 27th 2019

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Radio 1 Big Weekend: Drones spotted above festival site as police release warning to steer clear - Cleveland Police released the warning after tracing a drone owner on Friday
A 27-gram nano-UAV inspired by insects - Researchers at ETH Zürich and the University of Bologna have recently created PULP Dronet, a 27-gram nano-size unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a deep learning-based visual navigation engine.
Parrot to develop Short Range Reconnaissance drone for the U.S. Army - Parrot selected by U.S. Department of Defense to take part in the development of the next-generation of Short Range Reconnaissance drone for the U.S. Army.
Drones are hurting rescue efforts in Tulsa as dangerous flooding continues - Homes are inundated with floodwater from the Arkansas River in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa.
NASA Begins Urban Drone Traffic Management Testing in Nevada - Back in February of this year, NASA announced it had selected two organizations to host the final phase of its four-year series of increasingly complicated technical demonstrations involving small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly known as drones. According to a news report, several drones were spotted last week, flying at the same time in Reno, Nev., including one from the rooftop of a casino parking garage. Similar tests have been conducted in rural areas, says the report. The tests will continue throughout the following months in Reno, . . .
At North Las Vegas festival, ailing boy delivered cake via drone - Las Vegas-based Miracle Flights surprised 13-year-old Jordan Boren of Texas with a cake flown in via drone at Carnival in the Clouds at Craig Ranch Regional Park.
Construction company charged for operating drone without a licence - SINGAPORE — In the first case of its kind, a company was charged in the State Courts on Tuesday (28 May) for operating a drone without a licence.
Drone photos and new software being used in search for Ryan Shtuka - SUN PEAKS, B.C. - The family of a young man who went missing in February 2018 has never given up the search.
Vodafone creates technology which can send no-fly zones to drones and force them to land - Vodafone has successfully tested technology that sends information to drones about no-fly zones, potentially forcing them to land if pilots accidentally stray into restricted areas.
Twin Falls native looks to bring drone technology to the farm - Jeremy Cutler is the owner of Treasure Valley based company Skeye, an aerial imagery company that is looking to put an “eye in the sky” to help crops on the ground here in Idaho.
US States Use Drones to Predict Rockslides - Many American states are now using drone technology to watch avalanches and endangered animals, among other uses. A number of states are beginning to explore how to create laws to control a flood of private drone traffic that is likely to come in the future.
'Prodigy' founder taking Utah's Teal Drones to unexplored heights - Just 21 years old, George Matus launched Teal Drones, has raised over $20 million and just announced a new U.S. Army contract for a battlefield-ready reconnaissance craft that could help save lives.


Australia Drone News

Autonomous drone improves irrigation - Australian Monash University is using autonomous drone technology to improve irrigation practices.
DHL drones make package deliveries in southern China - Operating out of a DHL service center in Dongguan – a tech manufacturing hub between Shenzhen and Guangzhou – the project delivers cargo weighing up to 11 pounds within a distance of 5 miles. The mini aircraft are supplied by Ehang. The drone maker is perhaps best known for its elaborate drone light shows and its effort to build a self-flying vehicle carrying human passengers.
What whale snot tells us about Australia's whale populations - Dr Vanessa Pirotta has created a specially designed waterproof drone that collects bacteria, viruses and DNA from the snot that humpbacks blow from their blowholes.



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