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Drone News for Week of 04/01/19

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A short first hop for 'drone taxi' in Vienna - It was more of a small step than a giant leap, but the first public outing of a pilotless “drone taxi” in Vienna on Thursday nevertheless offered a glimpse into the possible future of urban travel.
Drone Seen "Peeping" Around Fayette County - The Fayette County Sheriff is asking for the public's help in an investigation involving a drone that may have been used in invading the privacy of some residents near the small town of Oran.
Dedrone Adds Flight Pattern Recognition, Heatmaps & More to Drone Tracking Solution - Dedrone says these updates make DroneTracker 4 the most detailed and actionable counter-drone platform for security professionals to understand drone activity.
Russian Government Is Tackling Consumer Drone Problem by Attaching Shotguns to Their Own Drones - On the back of a number of public nuisance incidents, Russia has launched a new drone with a purpose-built shotgun, designed for the sole intention of shooting other drones out of the sky.
Second DroneClash Helps Shape Anti-Drone Tactics - Drones have been deployed in many parts of defense, national security, and law enforcement. But often, their capabilities, strategies and tactics are often best tested in clashes with other drones. This is one of the purposes of the DroneClash event, which held its second annual event last month.
The Cardinals Don't Want Your Damn Drones Near Their Nice Stadium | News Blog - A proposal to ban drones from hovering over large, open-air sporting facilities drew support from the St. Louis Cardinals this week, making clear that the team doesn't want your dumb little flying toy anywhere near its nice stadium.
Area Man Arrested After Hitting NYPD Officer With Drone During Funeral - A 36-year-old man was arrested during a rebbe's funeral in Brooklyn after his drone hit an NYPD officer injuring her face.
Amazon Working On Transformer Drone That Approaches Homes Silently - It can go from rotor-powered flight to gas-inflated blimp in mid-flight.
Watch 500 Intel drones perform a choreographed light show set to Phish - Illuminated drone shows are the new laser light shows, at least judging by this video, which captures a performance by Intel drones set to the music of popular jam band Phish.
The video of an Amazon blimp dropping drones isn’t real, but it may be someday. - The video of an Amazon blimp dropping drones isn't real, but it may be someday if the company goes forward with plans from a patent.
Why drone races are hard to follow for spectators - Why drone races are hard for spectators to follow. Many drone racing fans are left with questions such as: Where is the drone? Who's winning?
RYZE Tech, Marvel & Disney Launch Tello Iron Man Edition - Ryze Tech and DJI have collaborated with Marvel and Disney to launch the Tello Iron Man Edition, an Avengers-themed drone ideal for learning STEM skills.
Drone helped Ocean Pines police search for missing woman - The Ocean Pines Police Department put its newly-purchased drone to the test March 28 when a 79-year-old woman with dementia was reported missing.
Facebook Reportedly Worked on Project to Build Fleet of Bird-Sized Internet Drones - It turns out that Facebook’s onetime plan to build huge drones that would relay wireless networks to parts of the world without widespread access to high-speed internet, Project Aquila, isn’t the only odd method the company has explored in its quest towards world e-domination. According to a recent report in Business Insider (paywalled), Facebook worked on a since-canceled project titled “Catalina” that would use much smaller drones to help boost wireless speeds.
US and Russia leading opponents of ban on killer robots - Some activists are warning that the development of armies of fully autonomous robotic weapons could be only 3 or 4 years away. As a result some countries are attempting to place a ban on the weapons before they are an established fact.
Drones Monitor Illegal Gambling in China, Surveil US Casinos - Chinese authorities continue to successfully employ drones to locate illegal mobile casinos. Last week, 35 suspects were arrested or detained in a remote area of Anhui – a province in eastern China.
Drone did NOT bring down Vaughan's airplane in New-Zealand - A drone did NOT bring down Vaughan's airplane an investigation report from the Civil Aviation Authority of New-Zealand (CAA) states. A failed windscreen did



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