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Drone News for Week of 3-25-19

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Yellowstone drone ad draws fire - A California-based drone manufacturer is being investigated for promoting its “true follow-me” technology with footage of a Rollerblader kicking it along a West Thumb Geyser Basin boardwalk.
UPS begins routine drone deliveries of medical samples to US hospital - The latest party to turn to the Silicon Valley startup Matternet for aerial courier solutions is logistics giant UPS, which will use its drones to ferry medical samples between labs and a hospital in North Carolina.
Nevada quickly becoming drone conference capital of the world - Las Vegas is already known as the entertainment capital of the world, but it could soon be the drone conference capital of the world as Nevada continues to be an attractive proving ground for the growing industry.
San Francisco At The Forefront Of Detecting Dangerous Drones - A San Francisco company and SFO are at the forefront of new airport security solutions dealing with dangerous drones.
Albany City Council gets refresher in drone laws | News - Frustrated residents hoping to down hovering drones had their ideas shot down by deputy city attorney Joseph Allison during the Albany City Council’s Monday night work session.
How a Small Alabama Police Department Plans to Use its Drone - The Southside, Ala., police department, purchased the drone with the help of a monetary assist from a county commissioner. It plans to use it to take photos of crime scenes, help find lost hikers and more.
No Drone Zone at SpaceX - Photographers beware. With recent announcements of SpaceX testing happening in Brownsville this week, an increase of enthusiasts looking to get a special picture of history in the making. Now a stern warning for drone users in the area. Fly a drone and pay a hefty fine.
UNL researchers getting ready to start drone tornado study - A long-awaited research project involving drone-based investigation of severe storms will launch this spring. Researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and three other universities will start the Targeted Observation by Radars and UAS of Supercells project May 15.
Moving into the future: Army shows off drone destroying mobile laser system - A prototype of a new high-energy laser platform was revealed at the Army’s Space & Missile Defense Center in Alabama last month, giving a glimpse of the future. The Stryker-mounted Mobile Experimental High Energy Laser (MEHEL) will be able to shoot down drones and other aerial threats with it’s a fearsome weapon, which was able to punch holes through an AK rifle and thick steel plating.
MHP lifts crash investigations to new heights with drone technology - The Patrol started using drone technology in the summer of 2018 and now each district in the state has a drone and pilots licensed to fly them. The Billings and Great Falls districts were some of the first to get the drones and start using them when it comes to fatal crashes.
Drone assists in the rescue of seven swimmers in Laulau Bay - A drone assists in the rescue of the seven swimmers in Laulau Bay by providing the exact coordinates of their location to the crew aboard the rescue boat.
DJI shifts focus to agriculture as consumer drone sales slow - As the consumer market for drones slows down, the Chinese drone maker, DJI shifted its focus to agriculture drone applications.
Drone photography gives Greeley businesses a boost - Paul Royle-Grimes, left, with Elevation Aerial Photography, and client Larry Salmen, with the Warren Lake Committee, use a drone Feb. 18 at Warren Lake in Fort Collins to photograph 18 aerators that were installed to improve water quality by reducing algae. (Michael Brian/ Paul Royle-Grimes officially got his business, Elevation Aerial Photography, off the ground…
Glimpse of future: Drone recharge atop streetlights - As part of the ambitious Smart Cities Mission, the researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have designed charging ports for drones atop streetlights.
Safety, preventing job loss priorities for drone makers, Mexican expert says - With drones expected to be completely autonomous in a few years, the priorities for designers of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) should be safety and preventing job losses, Mexican Robotics Federation president Marco Morales told EFE.
Drone 'reduced safety' of passenger plane near Southend - An investigation found safety had been “much reduced” during the incident near Southend.
Grand Forks middle school class teaches students about drones - Over the past few weeks, this has been the scene every Thursday and Friday during the school’s newest course offering on UAS technology. Now in its first year, the class is aimed at giving students a taste of drone technology with a side helping of real-life technical skills.
China news: Drone flying over chemical plant explosion 'jammed by government' - A DRONE trying to film the crater left by a huge explosion at a chemical plant was “attacked by Chinese government jammers”.
University studies benefits of herding sheep with drone - A study is testing the ethical and cost benefits for farmers of using drones to herd sheep.
Drone bill passes in Tennessee Legislature - Legislation that would increase the penalty for flying a drone over a “critical infrastructure facility” without the business operator’s consent from a misdemeanor to a felony is on its way to Gov. Bill Lee’s desk for his signature.
Vidor residents worry neighbor flying drone could be spying on them - A local business owner posted about the drone on Facebook. She said it was was looking into windows and flying around customers' cars.
Air Force Considering Making Its Next Tanker A Drone With A Podded Refueling Boom - Packaging an aerial refueling boom in a pod will be a major engineering challenge, but it would change the way the USAF keeps its planes in the fight.
Drone startup Aria Insights ceases operations - Confirmed in a statement, drone startup Aria Insights, formerly known as CyPhy Works, has ceased operations as of March 21, 2019.
A First! Drone Helps Capture Franklin County Wanted Suspect - Authorities say some flights in the Ringgold Habitat Area were able to locate and pinpoint a wanted suspect, who was then captured by ground units. It's believed to be the first capture of it's kind in the county, using a drone for surveillance to locate a suspect.
Drone sighted at airport, VSSC, security on high alert - A drone was sighted at the airport, the highly sensitive Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre and nearby Kovalam beach early Friday morning, prompting Southern Air Command and Military Intelligence to go on high alert.
Visakhapatnam-based techie makes a water drone to save people from drowning - SAS has designed a remote controlled water drone that functions like a lifeguard. The horseshoe shaped device in orange weighs 12 kgs and floats in water. It can carry up to 300 kgs in weight (around three people) and travels up to a speed of 13 kmph. The remote control uses radio frequency from 156 and 174 MHz.
Drone flying close to Cape Coral home invades a family's sense of privacy - A Cape Coral family claims a drone is invading their privacy. The unknown pilot is creeping so close with the drone, the family members said they're being clipped while they walk and hangout in their yard.


Australia Drone News

Drone 'flyer's licence' to be launched in time for Google's world-first delivery service in Canberra - As a drone delivery service prepares to begin operation in Canberra, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority commits to enforcing licences for any Australian using a drone.
Australia to introduce compulsory drone licenses: aviation authority - Australia's peak aviation safety authority has announced it will introduce mandatory licenses for drone pilots from July onwards.
Are delivery drones ready for takeoff? - While the technology seems promising and has many potential benefits, are delivery drones ready for action?
Ready for takeoff: Canberra drone base gets the green light - The ACT Planning and Land Authority has approved Wing's plans for a household delivery drone hangar in Mitchell, marking another milestone in the tech company's bid to launch its world-first operation in Canberra's north.
New bird-scaring drone with dummy crow being trialled in vineyards - A new hi-tech drone, which emits fake bird distress calls, is being trialled in Australia in an effort to scare avians away from ripening grapes and reduce crop losses.
Call for tougher trespass laws after dozens of animal rights activists invade feedlot - The Federal Agriculture Minister has joined cattle industry leaders in calling for tougher penalties to target animal rights activists trespassing on farms, after more than 100 people entered a property over the weekend.
Future Female Pilots Train with Drones and the Royal Flying Doctor Service - Introducing drone technology in an interactive and interesting manner to the next generation the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) has opened its Rockhampton hangar to school girls wanting to become drone pilots.
Arcimoto Launches the 'Deliverator' Electric Vehicle - Arcimoto has announced plans to launch greener and more efficient options for the last mile delivery and first responder segments of the transport industry.



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