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Drone News for Week of 3-18-19

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Alien-hunting scientists are developing ‘space drones’ to explore caves on Mars - An institute aimed at tracking down extraterrestrial life managed to successfully map a cave using a Nasa-backed drone with Lidar technology
Cops Watch Barricaded Gunman By Flying Drone To Window - WATCH: Cops Used Drone To Solve Brooklyn Standoff - Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill, NY - Police used a drone for the first time to help negotiate with a man who had barricaded himself into an apartment with an imitation pistol.
DroneClash: The drone fighting competition you never heard of - DroneClash is the drone fighting competition you've never heard of, in which drones need to attack and disable rogue drones by any means possible.
Drone footage shows devastation from cyclone in Mozambique - Drone footage released by the American Red Cross on Tuesday shows the devastation caused in Mozambique by a cyclone which hit eastern Africa this weekend.
Chinese arrested for flying drone over Victoria Memorial - An army officer said nothing could be flown over the Maidan without the army’s permission
Inside the August plot to kill Maduro with drones - New videos obtained by CNN provide chilling insight into a mystery drone attack against Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro last year—the world's first known attempt to kill a head of state with a retail drone, purchased online and armed by hand with military grade explosives.
The future of drone light shows - Tim Kridel speaks to Li Zhiyuan, vice president of Ehang Egret and Raffaello D’Andrea, founder and CEO of Verity Studios
China Develops Hydrogen Powered Drone - UAV LQ-H - Hydrogen powered drones are becoming more popular by the day. The latest news via Xinhua in this green drone tech segment to complete its successful maiden flight is the Chinese LQ-H unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).
Logistic Gliders Flight Tests Wooden Drone - Drone technology is being developed with the aim of making logistics supply chain in war zones more efficient. Aviation Week & Space Technology reports that the wooden aircraft the LG-1K developed by Logistic Gliders Inc under contract with DARPA and the U.S. Marine Corps War-fighting Laboratory is undergoing trials in the California skies.
The future of drones: NASA and NIAS partner to create better rules, policies - Executive Director Chris Wallach and his esteemed crew at the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS) test their drones at the Henderson Unmanned Vehicle Range every week.
VERIFY: Is It Legal For Drones To Fly Over My Home? - A Greensboro woman told us one was flying over her yard and followed her every move.
Impossible Aerospace US-1 Drone Assists in a SWAT Team Capture - The US-1, manufactured by Impossible Aerospace made its first public appearance at a police standoff at a Denny’s in Campbell, California.
Drone Paid For Itself "10 To 20 Times Over" On Indiana Farm - Wind and hail took a big yield bite out of one of Mason Lantrip’s cornfields last summer. When the insurance adjuster showed up to verify the claim the two men enlisted help to assess the damage in the tall, tasseled corn, from Lantrip’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone).
First Urban Drone Delivery Near an Airport a Reality in Helsinki - The first drone deliveries in an urban environment and the immediate vicinity of a major airport were succesfully trialed in Finland this week.
Chula Vista Police Approved for Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight Drone Flights - The police department in Chula Vista, California is now the first public safety organization allowed to regularly fly drones beyond the visual line of… - The police department in Chula Vista, California is now the first public safety organization allowed to regularly fly drones BVLOS of the drone's pilot after the FAA granted it a waiver for such operations.
Drone images can accurately find, count citrus trees - By using drone technology, Florida citrus growers can find out how many trees live in their groves and, eventually, they may detect the health status of the citrus plants, a new University of Florida study shows.
Can You Be Sued for Flying a Drone Over Private Property? The Next Draft of that Tort Law - The draft of the proposed tort law relating to drones, due to be discussed by the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) soon, is out – and drone operators should be paying very close attention.
Skies Aren’t Clogged With Drones Yet, but Don’t Rule Them Out - If you’ve been worrying that drones would be filling the skies over your head, dropping packages off day after day at your neighbor’s house, leaving food on doorsteps or photographing your every move, you can relax a little. At least for now.
Dronisos sees big potential for drone shows in Middle East - The French company Dronisos is heading to DEAL in Dubai with high hopes for its drone light shows after recent projects in the Middle East.
Far-reaching rule changes stand to make 2019 'year of the drone' - Regulators are formulating rules that stand to affect every part of the American drone industry —and the time is now for stakeholders to make their voices heard
Drone photos show new Comcast Technology Center from above - The glossy, $1.5 billion Comcast Technology Center is easily one of Philly’s most anticipated recent projects—and now you can get an up-close and personal look.
Drone used in attempted drug drop at Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison - Prison Service steps up inmate monitoring after latest attempted drug drop by drone
Did You Lose A Drone On Cooper's Island? - A drone has been turned in to Hamilton Police Station this morning [March 18] and the police said they would like to return the drone to its rightful owner.
This Application will Help Regulate Drone Traffic - Unauthorized drones entering secure perimeters have made the news regularly in recent months, with unmanned aerial vehicles interrupting airplane traffic at airports in London, Dublin, Dubai, and Newark, New Jersey. Earlier this month, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) ordered that drones display registration numbers on their exterior, like the kinds that label small planes.
Switzerland plans drone register - Tens of thousands of drones are flying over Switzerland unregistered but now the authorities are trying to put an end to their uncontrolled use.


Australia Drone News

New reports size up the Underwater Drone market - ccording to this study, over the next five years the Underwater Drone market will register a xx% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US$ xx million by 2023, from US$ xx million in 2017. In particular, this report presents the global market share (sales and revenue) of key companies in Underwater Drone business, shared in Chapter 3.
Drone remedies: Canned air and water-spraying drones: Smog remedies - As millions of people in Asia choke under polluted skies, authorities have turned to water-dispersing drones and outdoor air purifiers to improve air quality, while companies have tried to cash in by selling everything from canned air to lung-purifying teas.
Drone workshops for Australian schools | AirMed and Rescue Magazine - She Maps will be partnering with the RFDS, taking drone workshop programmes across Australia in order to encourage young children to take up careers in aviation, geospatial science and other STEM-related subjects.
Dianella rogue drone pilot trolls victims with online photos - A rogue drone operator is now trolling his victims online by posting a photo of one of the residents they are stalking.
New Hybrid Deep-Sea Drone Dives 6.8 Miles Deep - Experimental projects are being undertaken by scientific organisations to test the feasibility of drones to explore environs like space and deep hadal zones of the oceans. Now NASA’s propulsion lab and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have teamed up to create an autonomous vehicle that could be a prototype for a fleet of deep sea explorers.



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