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Drone News for Week of 2-18-18

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Drone to clean water bodies - WasteShark will be added to Vectra’s stable of Skid Steer machines with over 20 attachments and garbage compactors.
Government to give police stop and search powers over drone pilots near airports - The government is preparing to issue new legislation which will give police the power to stop and search drone pilots near airports.
Japanese town's remote setting attracts drone fans - In a quiet mountainous area where rushing creeks and chirping birds used to provide the only usual sounds, there is now a mechanical buzz in the air.
Drones Rain Down Rat Poison on the Galapagos - Rats on the Galápagos Islands are an invasive species and eradication is underway. This is not a first for the islands, and they are fiercely protected since they are the exclusive home to some species including the distinctive tortoise from which the island derives its name and of course finches.
Spies in the sky help councils catch fly-tippers in the act - Eighteen local authorities are using drones to combat illegal dumping, enforce building regulations and help emergency services during incidents.The move by councils to buy and hire the flying devices comes after an anti-dumping initiative, launched by the government in 2017.
Border collie rescued after Llanelli drone search - Socks the dog was found curled up in a ball after he was tracked down by a volunteer using a drone,
Drone Sighting Halts Flights At Dubai Airport - Dubai International is one of the busiest airports in the world. Any delays at DXB can have a knock on effect that can be felt across the globe. Drone disruptions are thus the last thing that the airport needs but it had to put up with that earlier this week when departures were halted for some time after a drone sighting.
Drones, Balloons Banned In Bengaluru Ahead Of Aero India 2019 - Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, aircraft systemsand balloons have been banned in Bengaluru for security reasons during the five-day Aero India show starting February 20, police said.
New proposal cracks down on drone use near Georgia prisons - A bipartisan proposal that passed the Georgia Senate on Thursday is attempting to crack down on the use of drones near the state’s prison’s. Officials say the bill comes from a recent rise in the use of drones to deliver contraband to inmates inside state prisons. They say this includes items such as cell phones, drugs, and weapons.
This ‘predator’ drone spots farm pests - Drone is capable of automatically removing pests using new infared technology,
Anti-drone technology at World Cup - The World Cup this summer will be one of the first major sporting events in this country to use anti-drone technology to combat the threat of terrorism. The tournament organizers have responded quickly after an incident at Gatwick in December.
China Names Ehang a Pilot Company to Develop Passenger Drone Programs - China has named Ehang as a pilot company, designated to help develop the country's passenger drone programs.
3 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for Canadian Drone Company - Canadian drone company IN-FLIGHT Data has won 3 Guinness World Records for innovative BVLOS flights supported by senseFly.
Man with drone and brave firefighters rescue beloved family dog from icy waters in Doylestown - With the help of from a man with a drone and a group of brave firefighters, a beloved dog , who went missing for several days, was reunited with his Doylestown family in a harrowing rescue on an icy, cold swamp.
Island University selected as drone traffic test site - Texas A&M University Corpus Christi has been selected by NASA as one of two sites nation-wide for a drone traffic management study.
Trump administration releases proposed drone rules and regulatory changes - More than two years after receiving warnings about a regulatory loophole that could put law enforcement at risk from booby-trapped drones, the Federal Aviation Administration said it will use a truncated public process to fix the problem within two weeks.
Drone view of muddy mess in south Richland after water line burst eroding hillside above Gala Way - Watch a drone flyover of the mess left by a mudslide after an apparent frozen water line burst this past weekend on the hill above Gala Way in south Richland. About a dozen homes appeared to have escaped serious damage.
More unknown Irish monuments discovered thanks to drone - In 2018, Antony Murphy, expert about the Boyne Valley for nineteen years, decided to use its drone over the site. He made an unbelievable and unknown discovery


Australia Drone News

War on drones: Police investigate after drone shot from the sky - An Evoenergy drone that was shot from the sky in the south of the ACT last week has sparked a police…



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