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Could India emerge at the forefront of drone revolution? - India is all set for the drone revolution and the present scenario illustrates the picture very clearly. Last year, the country came up with its drone policy 1.0 and is soon coming up with 2.0 to make the drone operations easier
Construction industry reducing waste by using drone technology - Siegmund Excavation and Construction of Stayton has been a pioneer in using drones to produce 3D maps of construction sites
Triangle drone startup soars as CNN picks it for Super Bowl coverage - APEX - CNN will fly a tethered drone made by a Triangle company from its roof to provide pregame and postgame news footage during the Super Bowl in Atlanta
Drones Help Count African Wildlife - Drones are yet again at the helm of wildlife conservation projects and making a huge difference. Susan Misicka from reports about a drone centred project which has completed a promising first run in Namibia.
16-year-old Indian prodigy has developed a drone that can detect and destroy landmines - Now 16 years old, he has fully developed the drone, EAGLE A7, which can detect and destroy landmines, minimizing the risk of losing human lives.
Optimizing solar farms with smart drones - MIT startup Raptor Maps uses machine-learning software and thermal images collected by drones, to assist with the maintence of solar farms.
Drone spotted flying over Bill Cosby's Pennsylvania prison - Bill Cosby's spokesman speculated that a drone spotted flying over the disgraced comedian's Pennsylvania prison might be a “media drone” possibly attempting to snap a picture.
DJI and Microsoft Partner for AI Drones - According to reports from Microsoft, trials are being conducted that combine drones with artificial intelligence (AI) for visual recognition.Microsoft and DJI revealed that drones powered with this technology can have a wide range of applications.
Be aware: The Super Bowl is officially a no drone zone - After all the problems they had at Heathrow Airport, I suppose this was inevitable. The FAA is declaring the airspace around the stadium for the Super Bowl to be a “no drone zone.” Anyone caught flying a drone over the event will be subject to heavy fines and a stretch in the crowbar motel.
Drone Roadmap Revealed at Davos - Earlier this month, the World Economic Forum (WEF) unveiled its Advanced Drone Operations Toolkit during its annual economic summit in Davos, Switzerland. The toolkit—developed in partnership with 41 government agencies, private enterprise, research organizations, and civil aviation organizations—is a playbook on how to create a framework to integrate drones into a national airspace.
Drone use could startle whales during sightings - Giant whales can be seen off the coast of San Diego. While many drone users are hoping to get an up-close look, one expert says those eyes in the sky could harm the animals.
Echodyne seeks thumbs-up for Super Bowl test of drone-detecting radar - Echodyne is seeking federal approval to have its drone-detecting radar system used in an experiment planned during the NFL’s Super Bowl in Atlanta on Sunday.
CNYCentral unveils first television news drone in CNY - CNYCentral is transforming the way we bring you the news. On NBC3 News and CBS5 News at 5pm Monday, we unveiled the first local television news drone in Central New York which will revolutionize what you see on TV.
Farmers launch attack of the drone - A farmer’s best friend may be a trusty sheepdog, but in the fight against rural crime some are turning to a new companion: a drone.To curb offences such as hare coursing, fly-tipping and livestock theft, which cost Scottish farmers up to £1.5m a year, landowners in East Lothian will be protected by the small aerial device. It will be used to try to catch criminals.
AguaDrone Waterproof Drone Soars over Obstacles in Fishing and Fish Monitoring - AguaDrone is a revolutionary waterproof drone that has been used to conduct marine research and enhance fishing.
Drones fine lost horseback riders trails in Myakka City - It's the first time Manatee deputies have used their drone and utilized the Unmanned Aircraft Systems team for a search and rescue.
How's my flying? AR "license plates" for drones let bystanders ID pesky pilots - People on the ground should be able to identify commercial drones quickly and easily to know who's flying overhead.
Use Drones to Deliver Organs for Transplant? Surgeon Says it Would Save Precious Time - At a Southern Maryland airfield, Dr. Joseph Scalea watched a drone carrying a kidney in a cardboard cooler fly three miles. The test flight, repeated 14 times, was the culmination of three years' work…


Australia Drone News

CASA consults ahead of mandatory drone registration scheme - The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is seeking views from the drone pilot community on its proposed remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) registration scheme. CASA intends to introduce mandatory RPA pilot registration and accreditation from July this year, but is first consulting with the community “to ensure the rules will work in practice as they are intended,” it said.
400 drones detected over secret site says counter-drone company - A Queensland company which has installed counter-drone security at a critical infrastructure site with a restricted airspace in Australia says it has detected 400 drones in just six months.



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