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The Drone Trailer: A Drone Gets Possessed by A Deranged Serial Killer - The first trailer for The Drone is here, which finally gives us the horror movie about drones that was always inevitably going to happen.
Drone near miss: Moment out of control drone almost CRASHES into car - SHOCKING footage shows an out of control drone drop from the sky in Somerset, forcing a driver to slam on their brakes to avoid crashing their car.
Armed police, dogs and drone unit used in raid on York flat - ARMED police officers raided a flat in York on New Year
Milford woman chases drone, gets stuck in tree - MILFORD – A woman was rescued Sunday after she chased her drone 30 feet up a tree and became stranded, public safety officials said.“She climbed a tree to retrieve a drone that was stuck up there,” Fire Lt. Michael DeTore said.The police and fire departments responded to a home on Water Street just after 5 p.m. Sunday, for a report of a woman stuck in a tree. The police log said she was at the top and “about to fall.”Firefighters used a ladder truck to help
NYPD to monitor Times Square with a drone for the first time tonight - The New York Police Department plans to deploy around 7,000 police officers tonight for security in Times Square, as well as a drone that will monitor the
Vineland Electric Utility helps out with gift return after drone snared in lines - A Vineland Electric Utility lineman rescued a snared drone on Monday and saved a Williamstown man from having to tell his wife he lost the GoPro camera she gave him for Christmas.
Drone in Near-Miss with IDF Helicopter - A civilian drone nearly collided with an IDF helicopter over a military base in central Israel on Sunday night, the Air Force said.
“What’s That Buzzing Overhead?” Don’t Get Stung By An OSHA Safety Inspection Drone - When the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a memorandum in 2018 announcing that agency inspectors are now authorized to use camera-carrying Unmanned Aircraft Systems—or drones—to collect evidence during inspections in certain workplace settings, employers across the country should have collectively raised their eyes to the sky.
Firefighting drone used in recent wildfire - Nebraska startup company developed drone
Can we claim over drone trouble? - Q We were due to leave Gatwick for Marsa Alam in Egypt at 8.20am on Thursday 20 December. But due to the drone incident at Gatwick we did not depart until 11am the following day. We lost more than 24 hours of our all-inclusive holiday. Are we entitled to any form of compensation? Adriana T A Assuming you booked a proper package holiday
No-fly zone at Hogmanay celebrations to prevent drone attacks - Hogmanay revellers in Edinburgh will be subject to a no-fly zone to prevent a drone attack. It comes after a drone at Gatwick airport last week disrupted the holidays of hundreds of thousands of travellers.Police in Edinburgh advised that no aircraft may fly below 2,200ft above sea level between 2pm on New Year’s Eve and 3am on New Year’s Day, or between 3pm and 11pm the day before. They said that operators of drones and other aircraft were prohibited from a two-mile radius over the street party between East Market Street and Jeffrey Street.
Drone Video Shows Banten's Labuan Covered by Tsunami Floodwaters - Drone video gives an aerial view of Labuan, located in the province of Banten, Indonesia, still inundated with water on December 26 after a deadly tsunami struck on December 22. The tsunami ripped through the coastal regions in the Indonesian provinces of Banten and Lampung on Saturday evening, December 22, killing at least 281 people and injuring 1,016 others . It is believed that the tsunami was caused by an underwater landslide, triggered by a volcanic eruption on the Krakatoa island chain.
Startup plans to launch the world's first jetpack racing league in 2019 - JetPack Aviation is preparing to launch the world's first jetpack racing league in 2019. To mark the announcement, it released a video showing a test flight between two jetpack-wearing pilots.
New PA ‘Peeping Tom’ drone law protecting people’s privacy - A new law in Pennsylvania is aiming to protect people’s privacy from drones. The 'Unlawful Use of Unmanned Aircraft’ law, which goes into effect January 12 will prohibit anyone from getting surveillance of someone in a private place using a drone.
Grand Forks area drone industry announces ‘huge’ milestone - The University of North Dakota achieved a “major industry milestone” on Dec. 21 with first-ever test flights that will open up the skies for broader commercial use of drones, the university said. UND and research partners from Harris Corp. and the Northern Plains Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site performed the test flights near Hillsboro. Harris Corp. used a system of integrated ground infrastructure that enables commercial unmanned aircraft to fly farther and safer beyond the visual line of sight.
Neighbors rescue deer who fell through icy pond using canoes, shovels, drone - A couple of quick-thinking neighbors in upstate New York came to the rescue of a deer who had fallen into an icy lake — and one even used a drone to lead the animal back to land.
AirSpace Link Lets You Opt-in Your Address for Home Drone Delivery - AirSpace Link is a startup looking to help alleviate those and other administrative issues around drone delivery. The company came out of stealth mode today and launched its drone delivery registry, where people can register their dwelling or business as a location at which drone deliveries can be made.
Drones: A safer option for up-tower blade inspections - A few years ago, sending wind technicians up-tower was the O&M option to conduct turbine tower and blade inspections.


Australia Drone News

Drone's near-miss with police helicopter prompts calls for tighter regulations - Pilots are calling for tougher regulations around drones to prevent more near misses, like the close call in Auckland early on New Year's Day.
Drone close shave might see rules tightened - The authorities might be tempted to crack down on drone users after last night's near-miss.
With Drone Deliveries on the Horizon, Europe Moves to Set Ground Rules - Two years after Amazon completed its first delivery by commercial drone, the idea of routinely using unmanned devices to drop off items at front doors remains a distant, if not far-fetched, dream. The recent shutdown of London’s Gatwick Airport, caused by sightings of drones near the runway, underscored the risks and complexities of the efforts.
Camera drones to hunt killer sharks in new patrols on Australian beaches - A FLEET of drones fitted with cameras will patrol shorelines to find deadly sharks and alert beach-goers. Over 50 beaches in Australia will use the technology as the New South Wales government announced it would expand the surveillance system along the 1,300-mile coast.



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