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NYPD drone arsenal is here - Concerns take flight despite rules on no-fly zones
Vodafone Dressed a Drone Up Like Santa's Sleigh for the UK's First 4G Drone Delivery - Suitably festive for this time of year, naturally.
Inside the ApusDuo, the pseudo-satellite drone that could fly for a year - Our connected world depends on satellites, but once in orbit they offer little flexibility for fluid situations on the ground. Enter the ApusDuo.
Samsung Sets Sights on Drone Market with Patent for "Transformable" Drone - South Korean smartphone and electronics giant Samsung looks set to take on the crowded consumer drone market with its own drone, according to a patent that has only just been published by the US Patents & Trademark Office.
Drone users may lack coverage in CGL policies - A recent California court decision highlights the fact that many policyholders who use drones may be unaware they do not have liability coverage for their use under their commercial general liability policies.
Raleigh Implements New Drone Policy - Drones will once again be a popular gift, this holiday season, but if you aren't aware of the rules and regulations, this gift could cost you.
Crown car runs over official drone on Parliament's forecourt - A Crown limo ran over and crushed a drone on Parliament's forecourt in a mishap during a filming session at Parliament yesterday.
Symbiotic Drone project and the FlyJacket in the US - Last October, Jenifer Miehlbradt and Carine Rognon, doctoral students of the NCCR Robotics consortium were invited to demonstrate the Symbiotic Drone project and the FlyJacket at 2 events on the United States East Coast:
NFPA Releases Drone Guidance for First Responders - NFPA 2400 Standard for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Used for Public Safety Operations includes input from public safety agencies with drone programs.
IMF boss touts Zipline’s use of drones for medical supplies in Rwanda - The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mrs Christine Lagarde, has lauded the Rwandan Government’s decision to employ the use of drone technology to supply blood and other essential medical supplies to her citizens.
Did a Drone Collide With a Boeing 737 in Mexico? No Facts Support This - Many drone collisions or near misses with passenger jets have been reported in the past, but so far, all those cases were dismissed after serious investigation. The latest speculation reports that a drone slammed into a Mexican airliner two days ago.
'They're coming:' Flying cars may appear in urban skies by 2023 - Vertical takeoff and landing craft (VTOLs), like this model from Uber, could be shuttling passengers from airports to downtown vertiports by the mid-2020s, according to reports and the dozen or so companies striving to build the first generation of flying cars.
Estonian company unveils new drone with VTOL capability - The Estonian Threod Systems company has unveiled its new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability.
Adani Group inaugurates India's first drone building facility in Hyderabad - Apart from the UAV Complex, the Adani Aerospace Park was also inaugurated by the Home Minister of Telangana
British Airways flight nearly CRASHES with drone over London - A BRITISH Airways jumbo jet carrying up to 345 passengers nearly crashed into a drone over central London, a shocking report has revealed.
Regulation changes coming for drone users - If you're thinking about purchasing a drone for Christmas, there are a few things you should know before taking flight – or purchasing. President of Canadian Unmanned Incorporated Sterling Cripps says it's not as easy as one would think.
DJI launches a massive agriculture drone, the T16 in China - DJI recently launched what seems to be a massive agriculture drone in China. It is called the T16 and the video below explains everything in great detail
Organs by Drone? Unmanned Flying Vehicles Could Soon Carry Body Parts for Human Transplants - A team of surgeons from the University of Maryland Medical Center are testing out how to transplant human organs for emergency transplants using drones.
Drones To Help Mahwah Cops Get A Bird's-Eye View Of Crime - Drones To Help Cops Get A Bird's-Eye View Of Crime - Mahwah, NJ - The most powerful drone shoots 4K thermal video, works in inclement weather, and can go 65 miles per hour.


Australia Drone News

Australian drone company in Vanuatu vaccination plan - In the village of Cook’s Bay, on the remote side of the remote island of Erromango, in the remote South Pacific nation of Vanuatu, one-month-old Joy Nowai Aussie drone company Swoop Aero is helping to deliver Vanuatu's fully drone-dependent childhood vaccine program, the first of its kind in the world
The biggest challenge for drones may be regulators - Drones have the potential to impact several verticals, reducing costs and safety risks while also unlocking innovative new use cases. But one of the flying robots’ biggest challenges will be with regulators who, understandably, demand high levels of public safety.
Surf Life Saving Australia extends drone operations this summer - 51 drones to be deployed around Australia to augment lifesavers
Why your pizza may never be delivered by drone - For years tech companies such as Amazon, Alphabet and Uber have promised us delivery drones bringing goods to our doorsteps in a matter of minutes. So why are they taking so long to arrive?



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