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Drone News for Week of November 12th, 2018

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Snoop Dogg and This Spyro the Dragon Drone - The first three Spyro the Dragon games have been remastered and collected together in the new Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and to celebrate Activision had a life-sized Spyro drone deliver the first copy to Spyro’s biggest fan: Snoop Dogg.
UAS Sensors Defeat Drones | Sensors Magazine - Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) sensors allows military operators to detect and defeat enemy drones.
A Revolutionary Single-Handed Drone Controller by Fluidity Tech - Fluidity Tech is raising funds for FT Aviator: A Revolutionary Single-Handed Drone Controller on Kickstarter! Flight control in one hand - astronaut-designed, DJI-compatible drone controller for a more intuitive, precise and fun way to fly
Safety fears raised as drone flown over football match - A man will be reported to the procurator fiscal after a drone was flown over the Arbroath v Montrose derby at Gayfield on Saturday.
How Drones—and Their Young Handlers—Are Changing the Future of Firefighting - In California, teenager Jack McCandless is helping shape Menlo Park Fire District's world-leading drone program.
Armistice 100: Stunning drone footage shows Sunderland landmarks turned red for Remembrance Day - Some of Sunderland's best-known landmarks were turned red for Remembrance to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.
2 explosive-laden drones crash land - Two explosive-laden unmanned drones crashed in the yard of a governor’s office’s premises and a land belonging to the local gendarmerie headquarters in the southeastern province of ??rnak on Nov. 10.
Wild Patent Idea: Drones Resupplying Electric Vehicles With Fresh Batteries - Some things will just have to be seen to be believed, like this patent application that describes a drone that could bring your electric car a new battery.
Japan Postal Initiates Drone Delivery Trials - During their initial testing, the drone carried New Year cards and pictures of drones drawn by children. The drone delivered the documents from one post office to another, 9 kilometers apart, in just 15 minutes.
Clinton man who flew gun-firing drone faces unrelated assault trial - A Connecticut man whose online videos of drones firing guns and shooting flames have been viewed millions of times is set to go on trial on allegations he assaulted police officers.
Network Rail launches drone maintenance framework - Network Rail has published a prior information notice for its upcoming Unmanned Aircraft System framework. The framework covers infrastructure inspections and maintenance checks to be carried out on the network via drones.
Network Rail launches drone maintenance framework - Network Rail has published a prior information notice for its upcoming Unmanned Aircraft System framework. The framework covers infrastructure inspections and maintenance checks to be carried out on the network via drones.
Drone finds 'rare' shark nursery, 2,500 feet beneath the surface - Drone footage of a rare shark nursery, found 200 miles off west of Ireland, has been revealed. It's being called a discovery on a “scale not previously documented in Irish waters.”
Drone delivery for Shoebox appeal launch - The launch of the sixth annual Shoebox Appeal in Wrexham for local charity Teams4U started in style at the Llay Warehouse when a drone flew a shoebox full of gifts over the heads of assembled guests.
Drones, remote-controlled boat used to scare birds out of Berkeley Pit - By air and water, officials are using any means to avoid what happened at the Berkeley Pit in November of 2016 when more than 10,000 migrating snow geese landed on the toxic water, leaving thousands to die.
Video shot by Miami firefighter shows sharks near South Beach swimmers - Drone video captured the sharks getting dangerously close to shore near Third Street on Friday. City of Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Cian Debaldo shot the video with different angles to show just how close the sharks got to unsuspecting swimmers.
State Department Relaxing Rules on Transfer on Drone, Chip Technology - The rules will pave the way for 5G cellphones — and even drones that talk to each other in midair.
DJI Announces Black Friday 2018 Drone Deals - People have been anticipating what DJI will do for Black Friday for a long time. You no longer need to wait because the company has revealed that they will be offering steep discounts on their most popular consumer drones.
Autonomous Drone System Tested for Mapping Without GPS - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Langley Research Center wants to find solutions to challenging tasks in GPS-deprived environments, so it put a group of MIT students on the problem. The students came came back to NASA with a plan for a fleet of drones that can autonomously fly through a forest, communicate with one another and stitch together a 3D map of the environment—all without hitting trees or using GPS.
New drone-jamming authority creates challenges for DHS - It seems like the ink just dried on the FAA reauthorization, H.R. 302 (115), but DHS is already assessing how best to implement new counterdrone authorities granted to it under the law. The department is examining how and when to deploy possibly risky radio jamming tech in populated areas, among other top considerations.
A Delta Flight Encountered a Drone Near Boston - Aviation authorities are investigating an incident in which a Delta flight encountered an “unmanned aircraft” while en route to Boston.


Australia Drone News

Urgent research wanted for commercial drones - New Zealand’s newest drone research company believes the first regular commercial drone service will launch in New Zealand in the next two years, but says urgent research must happen first to ensure the public’s safety.
Drones can now flap wings, ride wind currents like birds - The next generation of unmanned drones will act more like birds than machines, thanks to new research.
Flights stopped after drone seen close to runway – a growing problem - Drones are disrupting airspace every week and instances are becoming more regular, Airways New Zealand says. The controlled airspace around Wellington Airport was closed for 30 minutes yesterday evening after a drone was spotted operating dangerously close to the runway.
Project Wing Secures Permanent Warehouse in Australian Suburbs for Full-Time Drone Deliveries - Wing has been testing the aerial delivery waters in Australia for a long time now, having dipped its toes in long before graduating from Google and becoming its own independent company. A mere month after becoming its own private entity, Wing completed the first long-distance, residential drone delivery in the United States. Clearly, it has made an informed decision that its business model is ready to expand, choosing its longtime base of operations in the land down under as the perfect place to begin.
Food delivery drones are annoying residents in Australia because...of course! - Delivery drones operating in Canberra, Australia, are driving some locals to distraction with their high pitched buzzing noise.



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