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Drone News for Week of August 13th 2018

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RoboTiCan’s Goshawk drone takes down rogue drones in an unconventional way

Toddler’s Popsicle-by-Air Marks Milestone in U.S. Drone Delivery

Family seeks help from drone pilots to find missing woman in Colorado

Caltech Researchers Are Training a Drone to Herd Flocks of Birds Away from Airports

KDOT launches its first flight in federal drone program - Shared by Chris Kaufman

New ‘heavy lifting’ drone gets green light from Transport Canada

Drone images show hundreds of Indonesia earthquake survivors swarming onto rescue boats as death toll soars to 347

"We have limited ability to control what people do with our products" says drone company DJI

26 Days in the Air: Airbus Drone Smashes World Record

Drone seen flying illegally on Mukilteo side of Paine Field

Drone flights may detect Longmont emerald ash borer infestation

YouTuber creates giant Lego helicopter drone!

Lincolnshire Charity Uses Drones to Locate Homeless People in Rural and Coastal Areas

Near Kiev found a plantation of cannabis with a drone

Automakers are implementing drone-like obstacle avoidance systems into their vehicles

Electric vehicles and drones set to disrupt transport

Drones Find Place in Public Service in New York Towns

FAA approves drone test site for flight without chase plane

What Does It Mean to Create a Drone Program for Construction Enterprises?

New blockchain-enabled drone to revolutionise cargo industry

UK researchers to create drone experiment corridor

The Drive Checked out the SureFly Passenger Drone in NYC Aug. 13

RUSSIAN troops thwart mass DRONE ATTACK on Syrian base shooting down five intruders

Australia Drone News

Drone company flying blood around Rwanda says Australia could be next

Drones to boost endangered turtle monitoring as rangers navigate around crocs, feral pigs

Brisbane to get 10 drone launch pads

Qld govt pushes to become ‘drone capital

Drone taxis could be in Australian skies 'within three years'

Parazero UAV safety systems now available in Australia

Australia drought: Thirsty cattle swarm New South Wales water truck

RangerBot Underwater Drone Kills Starfish in Mission to Save Great Barrier Reef

How To Videos - A Place to Learn

How to buy a drone in 2018

Ken Videos

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