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Drone News for Week of August 6th 2018

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Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro survives apparent assassination attempt

Footage ‘shows moment drone bomb explodes in assassination attempt on Venezuela President’ amid claims attack was faked

What can defend against off-the-shelf drone weapons?

This Drone Footage Captures China’s Massive Bikeshare Graveyards

DJI announces Line Friends Spark drone with a bear on it

Flying Drones Compete to Complete Unprecedented Feat

Bringing drones into a smart city network

UPDATE: 19-y.o. fined $160 after drone injures Davenport toddler at park

Harris County's Drone Fleet Catches Illegal Garbage Dumping in Houston

Fairfax County, Virginia Delays Drone Program Expansion to Focus on Public Concerns

DARPA chooses Silent Falcon drone for power beaming tests

KY Deputies use drone in making marijuana growing bust

Drones to Help Rescue Entangled Whales

Drones and AI Deployed for Solar Maintenance in Massachusetts

Menlo Park Fire Department's Thermal Imaging Drones Fly Shasta County Fire Zones

Drone nearly crashes into helicopter fighting Idaho fire

Hidden Britain by Drone - New BBC series

Controlling drones via voice channels

Kespry Introduces Drone-Based Roof Inspection Solution

Father-son duo opens drone-flying experience in Altamonte Springs

This drone charging pad protects your drone from the elements while always keeping it fully charged

Drone offers stunning views of ancient Pompeii site

Drone Footage Captures Breathtaking Underwater Waterfall Optical Illusion

The Army is buying microwave cannons to take down drones in mid-flight

Rauner signs law giving state authority over drone regulations, wipes out local regulations

Police Investigate Drone Flying Over Emmanuel Macron's Summer Vacation Residence

In crash investigations, police upgrade from chalk, tape measures to drones

Australia Drone News

A bird’s eye view of NSW’s heartbreaking drought

FPV Australia brings drone pilots course to Wagga as farmers start adopting the new technology

Drone activity expanding in the Hunter as Lake Macquarie City Council takes to coastal weeds

Australia's Hunter Valley Looks to Drones for Agriculture and Infrastructure Inspection

Aussie gov't inquiry calls for mandatory drone licensing

Beautiful Drone Footage Captures Kerby Brown Tow Surfing Insane WA Slab

Drone users urged to toe the line after a record number of near misses with aircraft

Drone operator breaking safety rules flying over Matamata's CBD

How To Videos - A Place to Learn

How to shoot surfing with a drone

If your drone videos aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough

Ken Videos

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