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News for Week of 06-11-2018

Drone NewsBytes

Flying car startup backed by Google founder offers test flights

Ever wanted to try drone surfing?

New Parrot Anafi drone is making a splash

S.2836, Preventing Emerging Threats Act: Can Homeland Security Take Down Small Drones?

Rogue Drones: What Does the FAA Do to Enforce Drone Laws? New Report from GAO Offers Insight

AT&T’s All-Weather Drone Takes Off In Time For Hurricane Season

Your Quadcopter may not survive after the French military spots it

Smoking weed from a flying bong? Honestly?

9 bizarre drones - From lake hoppers to web slingers

Saudi Arabian fashion show mocked for featuring no models

Unofficial drone flying might halt Isle of Man TT motorcycle races

Aircraft regulator wans to enlist KIWI kids to help push drone safety message

Drones for good: UAV fleet to be used to combat plastic pollution plaguing the world's oceans

Company introduces a new precision landing system for commercial drones

Team Dedrone selected to compete at the Thunderdrone "Game of Drones" competition

U.S. Officials warn Congress on risks of drones, seek new powers

Parrot releases a new rolling drone with some interesting features

Finnish Government Tests Successful Drone UTM

Drone video of Aberdeen Armory fire

Aydin Buyuktas bends drone images into otherworldly urban landscapes

CAAS - More foreigners caught for drone violations

Drone footage reveals Heron's nesting secrets

Drone designed to pollinate apples in the U.S

A single drone helped Mexican police drop crime by 10%

Science Panel Advises FAA to Loosen Drone Restrictions

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