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News for Week of 2018-04-06

Drone NewsBytes

Company makes a drone umbrella

Riverside couple plead guilty to transporting drugs via a UAV.

Watch 958 drones create a 400 foot tall Time magazine cover using lights instead of pixels.

Drones are a valuable tool in freeing whales from lines and fishing nets

Future vision of how drones will change with this innovative documentary.

UAV allegedly cuts a woman’s nose

Common drone injuries and how to avoid them

Indian food-delivery startup offers Chai Tea delivery via drone

South Carolina Prison uses drones to monitor inmates

Tactical Robotics does a flight demonstration of its new passenger/cargo delivering drone

American Drone manufacturer Skydio introduces new car follow feature to the R1

DJI and AXON team up to develop and sell drones for law enforcement and public safety

House Bill bans Chinese products for government security use.

From Cirque du Soleil to Metallica, Indoor Drone Shows are Big Business

Ken Videos

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