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 ^Parameter-Key ​        ​^Description ​                                  ​^Value ​  ^ ^Parameter-Key ​        ​^Description ​                                  ​^Value ​  ^
-|%%g_config_flying_limit_height_limit_enabled%%|Enabled?​ Y/N|2|+|%%g_config_flying_limit_height_limit_enabled%%|Enabled?​ Y=1/N=2 Not visible in Assistant on recent FWs|2|
 |%%g_config_flying_limit_limit_height_abs_without_gps%%|Maximum local limit with no GPS signal.|3000| |%%g_config_flying_limit_limit_height_abs_without_gps%%|Maximum local limit with no GPS signal.|3000|
 |%%g_config_flying_limit_limit_height_abs%%|Maximum local limit. |3000| |%%g_config_flying_limit_limit_height_abs%%|Maximum local limit. |3000|
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