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 ====== Welcome ====== ====== Welcome ======
-This wiki is designed to store data relating to reverse engineering of DJI aircraft. ​Feel free to register and contribute.+This wiki is designed to store data relating to reverse engineering of DJI aircraft. ​It is a project created by the community for the community!
 +===== Destinations =====
-1. __[[:​faq/​start|FAQ ​Index]]__: The details in the FAQ'​s ​will provide general information ​only. If you want to get under the hood and modify or tweak your aircraft, go to the [[:​howto/​start|howto]] guidesIf you are more interested in general questions, go to the [[:​faq/​start|FAQ Index]] +__**[[:​faq/​start|FAQ]]**__: Our FAQ'​s ​ provide general information ​that applies ​to all pilots including those with little technical experienceSome of the information includes our unofficial release notes archive, a discussion on trusting open source code, and links to other interesting sites.
-2. __[[:​howto/​start|Howto Index]]__: If you're ready to go to another levelthere is lots more you can do with your equipment. But be warned. This is not for the faint of heart. There is real risk when you start tweaking that you can cause problems for your equipment. Only proceed if you FULLY understand what you are doing, and you understand the risks. Click the [[:​howto/​start|Howto Index]] if you are ready to continue.+
-Click [[:​start?​idx=howto|sitemap]] to view a page listing of all pages, or click the links below. 
-====== Contribute ====== +__**[[:​howto/​start|Howto]]**__:​ If you want to get under the hoodthere is lots more you can do with your equipment. But be warned. This is not for the faint of heart. There is a real risk when you start tweaking ​that you can cause problems for your equipmentOnly proceed ​if you FULLY understand what you are doing, and you understand the risks.
-To help make this more dynamic, Czokie will be creating stub pages that need content ​to be createdor adding a tag for existing pages that need fixingIt would be very helpful ​if you could search to look for these items to create or update content where appropriate.+
-===== 1. Incomplete Content ​===== +===== Contribute ​=====
-These pages need fixing or updating.+
-~~SEARCHPATTERN;'​FIXME'​~~+__**[[:​contribute|Contribute]]**__:​ This site is created and maintained by community members. Any help that you can offer will be greatly appreciated!
-===== 2. Unlinked Pages ===== +If you don't know about formattingdon't worry about it! Any information you have will be formatted by us to make sure it is easily readable by everyone who visits!
-These pages existbut are not yet linked anywhere else. Its OK for them to be here while they are still draft documents, but we need to link them somewhere sooner or later. +
- ​~~ORPHANSWANTED:​orphans!playground!wiki~~+
-===== 3. Wanted Pages ===== +“This website has not been authorizedsponsored, or otherwise approved by DJI.
-There are links to the pages listed belowbut the content does not exist yet. Data is requested for these pages. +
- ​~~ORPHANSWANTED:​wanted!some~~+
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