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 {{:​news:​three_logos.jpg?​420|}} {{:​news:​three_logos.jpg?​420|}}
-====== Drone News for Week of August 6th 2018 ====== +====== Drone News for Week of 12-06-18 ​====== 
-===== Drone NewsBytes ​"Your Unfiltered Drone News Source" ​===== +===== Drone NewsBytes Your Unfiltered Drone News Source ===== 
- +|[[|Beaverton-based startup wins grant for energy drone]] - The companyeWind Solutions just received $600,000 in federal grant money to develop ​an "​energy harvesting tethered drone.” The principle is similar to that of kite. A drone connected to tether collects energy in the air where the wind speeds are higherThe goal is to generate 45,000 kilowatts per year, which is enough to power four or five homes per drone.| 
-{{ :​news:​venezuela_drone_attack.jpg?​300 ​|}} +|[[https://​|NYPD to deploy ​drone fleet, stoking fears of Big Brother]] - The nation'​s ​largest police department ​on Tuesday announced that it will soon deploy ​newly acquired fleet of 14 drones ​to assist with emergencies. And New York police ​officials ​went out of their way to assure civil libertarians that the unmanned aerial vehicles would not be used to peer into the lives of everyday New Yorkers.| 
-==== Venezuela'​s Nicolás Maduro survives apparent assassination attempt ==== +|[[|Minnesota native helped fly unique drone over California wildfires ]] Called ​the Scan Eagle, the drone has a 10-and-a-half foot wingspan, it weighs up to 50 pounds when it starts and has to be catapulted into the air..The drone spent six days flying over the containment line of the camp fire, using infrared cameras to find hot spots..| 
-[[|Venezuela’s presidentNicolás Madurohas survived ​an apparent assassination attempt after what officials described as drones armed with explosives detonated overhead during ​speech he was making at military event.]] +|[[​|Antennas for Origami Disposable Drones ]] - A group of authors aims to investigate ​the potential antenna scenarios for disposable drones which may one day be fully fabricated using inkjet printing technology – simulated using CST Microwave Studio ​and comparing them with experimental results.| 
- +|[[https://​​|Sandia Labs trains AI to spot drones in time and space]] - Sandia Labs, together ​with the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate,​ is working on a novel drone-detection techniqueSandia’s method is video-based. Called “temporal frequency analysis,” it analyzes pixel fluctuations in recorded footage ​of a droneand then applies machine learning to that footage to train the algorithm to recognize all drones like it in the future, ​and then anticipate their movements.| 
-==== Footage ‘shows moment ​drone bomb explodes in assassination attempt on Venezuela President’ amid claims attack was faked ==== +|[[|This Surfing Contest Used a Helicopter to Knock a Drone Out of the Sky]] - We’ve seen various methods of dealing with drones, including bigger drones with nets, special shotgun shells, bazookas, futuristic jammer guns, and even specially-trained eagles. A surfing event in Hawaii took different approach: as seen in the video above, it knocked a drone out of the air using a helicopter.| 
-[[https://​​venezuela-president-nicholas-maduro-drone-assassination-attempt-footage/|This is the moment a drone explodes in an apparent assassination attempt on the Venezuela President'​s ​life - amid claims the attack was faked. The unverified clip has been widely shared ​on social media accounts and shows single drone suddenly exploding into a fireball. Dissidents apparently packed 2lbs of C4 explosives into the two M600 drones ​in an attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro'​s life, officials ​have claimed. The military managed ​to use electronics ​to knock one of the drones off-course, while another reportedly crashed into a nearby building.]] +|[[|Alphabet'​s ​Wing expands ​to Europe ​with drone delivery service in Finland next year - 9to5Google]] - Back in July, Wing graduated from X to become its own Alphabet companyThe drone delivery division is expanding to Europe with a trial in Finland this spring.| 
- +|[[http://​|Israeli drone could revolutionize US farm production ]] Elbit Systems, the listed Israeli defense group, ​is set to revolutionize the US agriculture industry through its FargoNorth Dakota, pilot program that uses military-grade unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for crop surveillance.| 
-==== What can defend against off-the-shelf drone weapons? ==== +|[[​44594376|Swiss post office expands hospital drone delivery system]] ​- The Swiss Post is expanding its drone delivery systemtransporting laboratory samples between two hospitals ​in Zurich.| 
-[[|Small off-the-shelf drones have been used time and again to kill peopleRepelling such threats is not that easy, but jammers, shotguns, shootable nets or birds of prey may help.]] +|[[​12/​04/​how-emergency-responders-are-using-drones-to-save-lives/|How emergency ​responders are using drones to save lives]] - Jack Karsten and Darrell West review how first responders are using drones ​for faster and more effective emergency management.| 
- +|[[https://​|Jeff Bezos was wrong when he predicted Amazon will be making drone deliveries by 2018]] ​Back in 2013, Jeff Bezos predicted that Amazon’s drone delivery service would have lift off in five years’ time. Fast forward to the end of 2018and the drones are yet to materialise.| 
-==== This Drone Footage Captures China’s Massive Bikeshare Graveyards ==== +|[[​12/​03/​1660971/​0/​en/Ameren-successfully-completes-industry-leading-60-mile-drone-flight-over-transmission-lines-paving-the-way-for-safe-efficient-aerial-infrastructure-inspections.html|Ameren successfully completes industry-leading 60-mile ​drone flight over transmission lines]] - Ameren, Black & Veatch, Collins Aerospace team passes key milestone for maturing UAS inspection technology| 
-[[|Chinese photographer has captured jaw-dropping drone footage ​of the country’s infamous “bike graveyards,​” a problem borne of too many bikes and not enough customers.Trust me you have NO idea how many bikes they are showing here]] +|[[https://​|Jailed Hacker Charged in Drone Smuggling Ring]] - San Francisco hacker already serving a record-setting prison sentence has been charged with orchestrating a new scheme ​to drop contraband into Louisiana prison yard using remotely piloted drone, ​the Daily Beast reported Friday.| 
- +|[[https://​​32485/​national-grid-turns-to-ai-to-process-drone-data|National Grid turns to AI to process drone data ]] The energy firm uses using machine learning to sift through drone image data to maintain thousands ​of miles of wires and pylons| 
-==== DJI announces Line Friends Spark drone with a bear on it ==== +|[[https://​​dec/​02/​tens-of-thousands-gather-for-inauguration-of-mexicos-new-leader-drone-footage|Tens of thousands gather for inauguration of Mexico'​s ​new leader – drone footage]] - Tens of thousands of Mexicans gathered in the capital'​s iconic Zocalo square ​to celebrate the inauguration ​of new President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.| 
-[[https://​​dji-line-friends-brown-l-spark-drone-price-announced|DJI has teamed up with Japanese chat app giant Line for what it describes as its “first characterized ​drone.” It’s a version of the entry-levelportable Spark that bears the visage ​of Brown, the stoic bear found in countless emoji and sticker sets.]] +|[[https://​​article/​drone-video-ef-2-tornado-touches-down-at-lake-tenkiller/​25369315|Drone Video: Tornado Damage at Lake Tenkiller ​]] - Drone video taken from our 40/29 photographers show the extensive damage at Snake Creek Marina.| 
- +|[[http://​|The Nine-Piece Flex-Plane Drone Flaps Its Wings Like Bird ]] - The Flex-Plane essentially combines nine fixed-wing UAVs into one cohesive unit that allows its components ​to bend like bird| 
-==== Flying Drones Compete to Complete Unprecedented Feat ==== +|[[https://​​news/​local/drone-used-in-hill-county-to-catch-man-who-ran-from-a-traffic-stop-authorities-say/500-619052435|Drone used in Hill County to catch man who ran from traffic stop, authorities say ]] DPS troopers and Hill County Sheriff'​s ​Office deputies searched for John Farrow for more than an hour before he was finally caught with the help of a drone that spotted him from aboveaccording to the sheriff'​s ​office.| 
-[[| Can vertical-takeoff ​drone hoist 20 pounds (9 kilograms) ​of communications equipment into the air and hover in place for two hours?]] +|[[​index.php/2018/11/openreach-airborne-drone-reconnects-rural-hamlet-after-landslide.html|Openreach Airborne Drone Reconnects Rural Hamlet After Landslide UPDATE ]] - A serious landslidewhich cut-off the rural hamlet ​of Kinloch Hourn in the West Highlands (Scotland) from broadband and phone services, has been reconnected after Openreach (BT) used one of their airborne drones ​to fly a new cable over the safety exclusion zone, around the landslide, ​and to the base of the Quoich Dam.| 
- +|[[http://​|Misleading '​no ​drone zone' ​signs should be removed ASAP ]] - On Wednesday, Nov28, we published our investiga­tive piece into the supposed “no drone zone” that Sedona Oak Creek Airport Authority officials claim exists ​for 5 miles around ​the Sedona Airport. In a nutshellno such ban on drones ​existsDrones are prohibited from taking offlanding or crashing in the Red Rock Secret Mountain and Munds Mountain wilderness areasand from interfering in the flight operations ​of the airport, but no federal, ​state nor local law prohibits drones from legally flying on most Sedona area trails.| 
-==== Bringing ​drones ​into smart city network ==== +|[[|Singapore pushes to embrace drone technology]] ​Fueled by drive to embrace innovationSingapore announced plans to roll out drones ​for a range of tasks, including ​deliveriessecurity and inspections,.| 
-[[|San Diego is in the midst of a tech convergence. It is working to build what it calls the nation’s largest smart city network, and it also was selected for the U.S. Department of Transportation'​s ​UAS Integration Pilot Program. The city plans to bring these two efforts together, coordinating unmanned aerial systems ​with the smart city infrastructure it is building.]] +|[[https://​​drones/​a25253692/​indemnis-drone-parachute/|Why It's So Incredibly Hard to Attach a Parachute to a Drone]] - Drones ​are not immune to the whole “What goes up must come down” thing, and their descent is not always planned. If a drone falls out of the sky, the plummeting load can weigh up to a dozen pounds and be accompanied ​by four spinning rotors ready to rip into, or lop off, anything that gets in their wayAmber McDonaldCEO and one of the founders of the company Indemnisfirst saw this problem when working in the film industry, so she, and her team, set out to fix it.| 
- +|[[|Computer graphics researchers make drone navigation easier]] ​Drone operators struggling ​to fly the multi-propeller device and take pictures simultaneously could soon have a much simpler method ​to steering flightBedrich Benes, a professor of computer graphics technology, and doctoral student Hao Kang collaborated with corporate researchers ​to develop a touch-screen method to navigate ​and take pictures with drones.| 
-==== UPDATE: 19-y.ofined $160 after drone injures Davenport toddler at park ==== +{{:​news:​th.jpg?​200}} 
-[[http://​​news/​Fliers-of-drone-injuring-Davenport-toddler-IDed-as-toddler-recovers-490179981.html|A 19-year-old from DavenportIowa has been fined in connection with the case. The fine is $75 which, in addition ​to $85 in court feesresults in total penalty of $160Bettendorf Police Chief Keith Kimball says the drone striking the child was an accident and is a civil matter.]] +===== Australia Drone News ====== 
- +|[[​news/​aviation/hunt-after-drone-flies-near-plane-at-perth-airport-ng-b881038738z|Hunt after drone flies near plane at Perth Airport ​]] - Australia’s ​aviation watchdog ​and the Australian Federal Police are hunting the operator ​of drone that flew over Perth Airport yesterdayThe drone was seen at 7.38am by pilot in a plane taking off and then by an airport worker ​near the runways ​to the Qantas terminalIn the departing plane, ​the pilot was alerted by the reflection ​of the sun off the white droneHe reported it to air traffic control after take-off.| 
-==== Harris County'​s Drone Fleet Catches Illegal Garbage Dumping in Houston ==== +|[[https://​​Zain_Drone_partners_with_worldwide_leader_DroneShield_to_offer_counterdrone_solutions_across_the_Middle_East-ZAWYA20181204113037/​|Zain Drone partners with worldwide leader DroneShield]] ​Zain Group, ​leading Middle Eastern mobile ​and data services operator headquartered in Kuwait has entered into Teaming Agreement with DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO) (“DroneShield”),​ a worldwide leader in counterdrone solutionswhich will see the companies working together on meeting Zain’s customers’ requirements for counterdrone security solutions in the region.| 
-[[​harris-countys-drone-fleet-catches-illegal-garbage-dumping-in-houston|The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) launched a drone program focused on aerial crash scene analysis in Austinthe very same city that law enforcement utilized drones for aerial risk-assessment ​in apprehending the Austin bomberWhile car crashes and nihilistic murderers are certainly viable reasons for efficient drone use, Houston has found the UAV to be an excellent solution for an entirely different problem: illegal garbage dumping.]] +|[[https://​​airbus-moves-zephyr-flight-testing-to-australia.html|Airbus moves Zephyr flight testing ​to Australia ​]] - Airbus Defence has officially opened ​the operating base for its Zephyr ​drone in Wyndham, Western Australia| 
- +{{:​news:​images.jpg?​200}} 
-==== Fairfax County, Virginia Delays Drone Program Expansion to Focus on Public Concerns ==== +===== Videos ===== 
-[[|The Board of Supervisors for Fairfax County, Virginia discussed the potential use of drones for law enforcement and emergency ​services at a committee meeting in January, but decided on Tuesday to delay the purchase of several ​drones to focus on the public’s privacy concerns before continuing.]] +|[[|Drone Operator Captures Spectacular 4k Footage Of A Whale And Her Calf ]]| 
- +|[[https://​|Audi-drone could be the future ​of travel]]| 
-==== DARPA chooses Silent Falcon drone for power beaming tests ==== +|[[https://​|Drone ​captures dramatic video of Peru volcano  ​]]| 
-[[https://​|The Stand-off Ubiquitous Power/​Energy Replenishment – Power Beaming Demo (SUPER PBD) project is developing a laser capable ​of recharging an unmanned aircraft while it is flyingto remove ​the need for them to refuelThe Silent Falcon is a fixed wing, long range solar electric powered UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) manufactured by a company with the same name in Albuquerque,​ New Mexico.]] +|[[https://​|Cedarburg company uses drones, Bluetooth to gather traffic data across Wisconsin (Video) ​]]| 
- +|[[https://​|Amazing drone footage ​captures '​Britain'​s most festive street' ​from the air ]]|
-==== KY Deputies use drone in making marijuana growing bust ==== +
-[[| +
-A landowner in Carlisle County, Kentucky is facing a drug charge after deputies say their drone spotted at least one marijuana plant growing in Arlington.]] +
- +
-==== Drones to Help Rescue Entangled Whales ==== +
-[[https://​|A new program will pair drone operators with rescue boats trying ​to save entangled whales.With the help of remote-control drones, rescuers will get good look at whale’s situation without disturbing or getting close to the entangled creatureRescuers will be able to view the video and make a game plan from the safety of nearby boats.]] +
- +
-==== Drones and AI Deployed for Solar Maintenance in Massachusetts ==== +
-[[https://​|By combining state-of-the art drone and camera technology with Raptor Maps’ industry leading ​AI software, the team will be able to simultaneously capture both infrared and high-resolution imagery ​of solar assets, perform post-processing at the source ​of the data, and deliver real-time analytics to assess the condition of the plant.]] +
- +
-==== Menlo Park Fire Department'​s Thermal Imaging Drones Fly Shasta County Fire Zones ==== +
-[[https://​|The department'​s ​drones not only provide a 360 degree aerial view of the destruction,​ they also have thermal imaging cameras that will allow firefighters ​to see through smoke. The drones will also create high resolution and interactive maps of the area, helping homeowners to locate their propertyThe information will also be helpful to send to residents'​ insurance company, officials said.]] +
- +
-==== Drone nearly crashes into helicopter fighting Idaho fire ==== +
-[[https://​​article/46370235/drone-nearly-crashes-into-helicopter-fighting-idaho-fire|A drone nearly crashed into a helicopter over the Grassy Ridge Fire Wednesday morning and officials are trying to locate the operator of the unmanned aerial vehicle.]] +
- +
-==== Hidden Britain by Drone - New BBC series ==== +
-[[http://​​tv-highlight/​Hidden-Britain-by-Drone/407215.htm|Tony Robinson presents a second series of the programme that uses drones to shoot aerial footage of areas of Britain that are off limits to the public. In the first episode, he dispatches flying cameras to explore an abandoned theme park, an immense stately home and underground wine vaults belonging to billionaires. The programme also examines the secrets that Argos conceals from the eyes of its customers and contains footage of a flower farm in full bloom, which is closed to the public for 50 weeks of the year.]] +
- +
-==== A first: Daytona Beach police use drone to find man on roof after 2-hour search ==== +
-[[http://​|Police officers in Daytona Beach made their first-ever arrest using drone Wednesday when they found a man accused of attempted burglary hiding on a roof.]]  +
- +
-==== Controlling drones via voice channels ==== +
-[[https://​​news/​2018-08-drones-voice-channels.html|In the foreseeable future drones could replace delivery vehicles on the roads, in turn relieving the traffic burden and reducing CO₂ emissions. Drones would also make delivery routes considerably shorter and cut the time it takes for parcels ​to arrive. In the event of fire, drones could fly ahead of firefighters and send them images of the situation at the site. Experts from Fraunhofer HHI, however, have developed a solution that is stable, affordable, not limited in range, and essentially,​ ready to go: controlling drones using the voice channels in mobile networks.]] +
- +
-==== Kespry Introduces Drone-Based Roof Inspection Solution ==== +
-[[https://​​|Kespry has launched a new fully autonomous, simple-to-use, high-resolution thermal inspection solution for commercial property and industrial facilities. Using radiometric thermal technology, the drone-based product can be used to detect potential roof damage and dimensional analysis.]] +
- +
-==== Father-son duo opens drone-flying experience in Altamonte Springs ==== +
-[[https://​​news/​father-son-duo-opens-drone-flying-experience-in-altamonte-springs|Top Dronz in Altamonte Springs was created by father-son duo. It'​s ​a place where children and adults can try out their skills st flying ​a drone, ​a piece of technology that'​s ​on the rise as a means of entertainment.]] +
- +
-==== This drone charging pad protects your drone from the elements while always keeping it fully charged ==== +
-[[​|Skysense offers two variations of just the charging pad: one of which is for indoor use while the other is designed to be used outside. Autonomous or not, once the drone lands on the pad it will begin charging its batteries.]] +
- +
-==== Drone offers stunning views of ancient Pompeii site ==== +
-[[https://​​debug/​ancient-pompeii-site-drone-video/|In this drone footage of the ancient Pompeii siteyou float over a stone-covered city street bordered by the ruins of houses and buildings. You also see the specter of Vesuvius looming ​in the distance. The video was posted ​to YouTube ​over the weekend ​and has quickly garnered more than 50,000 views.]] +
- +
-==== Drone Footage Captures Breathtaking Underwater Waterfall Optical Illusion ==== +
-[[http://​|From the same island as the previous A-380 video we get this amazing footage. A drone has captured footage of an underwater waterfall optical illusion from above in Mauritius, and it's just about as amazing as you'd imagine]] +
- +
-==== The Army is buying microwave cannons to take down drones in mid-flight ==== +
-[[https://​​2018/​8/​7/​17660414/​microwave-anti-drone-army-weapon-lockheed-martin|The US Army has a new plan for microwaving drones out of the sky. In a public solicitation last Fridaythe agency announced its intention to purchase an airborne high-powered microwave system from Lockheed Martin, which is intended for use against ​drones. ​The weaponwhich would be mounted to an airplanewould disable fixed-wing or quadcopter drones with a beam of focused radiation.]] +
- +
-==== Rauner signs law giving ​state authority over drone regulations,​ wipes out local regulations ==== +
-[[|Gov. Bruce Rauner signed ​law that puts the state in charge of regulating dronesoverriding municipal regulations in towns that had them. Rauner signed Senate Bill 3291 Friday making the state the regulator of drones, also known as unmanned aircraft. The law, effective immediately,​ says “the regulation ​of an unmanned aircraft system is an exclusive power and function of the state.” “No unit of local government, including ​home rule unitmay enact an ordinance or resolution to regulate unmanned aircraft systems,” the law states.]] +
- +
-==== Police Investigate Drone Flying Over Emmanuel Macron'​s Summer Vacation Residence ​ ==== +
-[[https://​|Police ​are investigating ​the flight of a drone over the Mediterranean fortress on Monday afternoonwhere French President Emmanuel Macron is spending his summer break. Authorities said Tuesday that the drone had been "​neutralized" ​by scrambling its wave frequency, before it fell into the seaAFP reported.]] +
- +
-==== In crash investigationspolice upgrade from chalktape measures ​to drones ==== +
-[[|Drones already ​have varied uses from mail delivery ​to storm trackingNowUS state and local police are using the unmanned aerial vehicles'​ bird's eye photos ​to reconstruct car crashes more efficiently,​ accurately, ​and safely.]] +
- +
- +
- +
- +
-{{:​news:​th.jpg?​100}}===== Australia Drone News =====       +
- +
-==== A bird’s eye view of NSW’s heartbreaking drought ​==== +
-[[https://​​technology/​environment/​climate-change/​a-birds-eye-view-of-nsws-heartbreaking-drought/​news-story/​849c52511d6c8cf8d9e473298d8726d6|Photographers David Gray and Brock Mitchell have been travelling through some of the worst affected parts of NSW documenting the breadth of the struggles, and producing some stunning aerial shots that show another side to the drought stricken landscape.]] +
- +
-==== FPV Australia brings drone pilots course to Wagga as farmers start adopting the new technology ==== +
-[[​news/​local-news/5563504/​drone-course-comes-to-wagga-as-farmers-get-tech-savvy/​|A special course is en route to Wagga to give locals an opportunity to earn their official ​drone pilot’s licence.]] +
- +
-==== Drone activity expanding in the Hunter as Lake Macquarie City Council takes to coastal weeds ==== +
-[[https://​​news/​local-news/​5558289/​drone-use-expanding-in-the-hunter-to-tackle-difficult-tasks/​|Lake Macquarie Council has begun using drones along isolated cliffs ​at Swansea Heads and Caves Beach to spray tracts of Bitou bush, an invasive South African weed.]] +
- +
-==== Australia'​s Hunter Valley Looks to Drones for Agriculture and Infrastructure Inspection ==== +
-[[http://​​tech/​22624/​australias-hunter-valley-looks-to-drones-for-agriculture-and-infrastructure-inspection|The Hunter Region in New South Wales, ​Australia ​is home to some of the world’s most famous wines and viticulture. The continent is no stranger to the benefits ​of modern ​drone technology, and, in addition to utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles to spot shark activity near surfers, has turned toward this practical aerial tool for agricultural purposes and infrastructure inspection.]] +
- +
-==== Aussie gov't inquiry calls for mandatory ​drone licensing ==== +
-[[http://​​english/​2018-08/​03/​c_137365601.htm|Australians flying drones for recreational purposes could soon be forced to pass written ​and practical test before they are allowed to do so.]] +
- +
-==== Beautiful Drone Footage Captures Kerby Brown Tow Surfing Insane WA Slab ==== +
-[[https://​​surf/​drone-footage-captures-kerby-brown-tow-surfing-wa-slab/​|What he captured on his DJI Mavic Pro drone is beautiful: Kerby Brown, lover of all things heavy water, somewhere in Western Australia, towing into an absolutely mental left-hand slab.]] +
- +
-==== Drone users urged to toe the line after a record number of near misses with aircraft ==== +
-[[https://​​business/​105904963/​drone-users-urged-to-toe-the-line-after-a-record-number-of-near-misses-with-aircraft|A growing number of complaints about drones involve near misses with aircraft despite efforts ​to educate drone operators about the risksThe Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) received 268 drone complaints in the seven months to the end of JulyThirty-five of them were classed as "air proximity"​ or near misses with aircraft, compared with 38 such reports for the whole of last year.]] +
- +
-==== Drone operator breaking safety rules flying over Matamata'​s CBD ==== +
-[[https://​|A high-end drone spotted flying above Matamata'​s CBD has triggered ​warning from police ​and the Civil Aviation Authority.Eye witnesses have seen what police believe could be DJI Phantom drone hovering above the town centreduring ​the day and night.]] +
- +
-{{:​news:​how_do_i1.png?​110|}}===== How To Videos - A Place to Learn ===== +
- +
-==== How to shoot surfing with a drone ==== +
-[[https://​|Learn how to film surfing using a drone. Here are a few tips and tricks for shooting surfers from the sky]] +
- +
-==== If your drone videos aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough ==== +
-[[https://​​2018/​08/​02/​if-your-drone-videos-arent-good-enough-youre-not-close-enough/​|Robert Capa famously said that: “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” It seems that the same holds true for drone photography and videography.]] +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
- +
-{{:​news:​images.jpg?​150|}} +
-===== Ken Videos ===== +
- +
-  * [[|Trick shots leap to new levels when the target is attached to a drone]] +
-  ​* ​[[https://​​watch?​v=I-Qh1PUesg8|Mini-drone takes you on a tour of Roborace'​s R&D facility]] +
-  * [[https://​​08/​02/​drone-video-fallen-officer-procession-past-miller-park/​886094002/​|Drone video of fallen officer procession past Miller Park]] +
-  * [[https://​​video/​news/​local/​raw-drone-video-take-a-look-at-the-new-westbound-lanes-of-the-purple-heart-memorial-bridge-on-ih-10/​502-8208253|Take a look at the new westbound lanes of the Purple Heart Memorial Bridge on IH-10]] +
-  * [[https://​​video/​2018/​08/​02/​drone-has-near-miss-with-westjet-plane/​|Drone has near miss with WestJet plane]] +
-  * [[https://​​2018/​08/​02/​carr-fire-chars-neighborhood/​886115002/​|Carr Fire chars neighborhood]] +
-  * [[https://​​news/​stunning-video-drone-footage-of-flooded-sylvan-hills-golf-course-in-hollidaysburg/​1344603376|Drone ​Footage ​of Flooded Sylvan Hills Golf Course in Hollidaysburg]] +
-  ​* ​[[https://​|Drone video: Suspect points BB gun at SWAT deputies before fatal shooting]] +
-  * [[​news/​local/​watch-day-of-decatur-celebration-as-seen-through-sky-high/​article_c468672f-d149-59be-ab7b-a9a582abaed0.html|WATCH: Day 2 of Decatur Celebration as seen through sky-high drone]] +
-  ​* ​[[https://​​watch?​v=hTfMpsn9AxE|Poland'​s daredevil shows video from skiing down K2]] +
-  * [[https://​​|Drone footage ​of damage after tornado touches down in Webster]] +
-  * [[https://​​article/​features/​looks-like-another-blue-water-weekend-in-galveston/​269-580394513|Drone video from the Galveston Convention and Visitors Bureau showed lovely blue and green water along the Seawall.]] +
-  * [[https://​​news/​soar/​drone-video-fly-by-night|Fly by Night compilation video by SOAR.]]  +
-  * [[https://​​view?​t=zxkt_1532614862|Liveleak - Essex man accidentally flies drone into his head]] +
-  * [[https://​​watch?​v=JZSnsYA9jBw|New Mantis Q drone from Yuneec]] +
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