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-{{:news:jas_aerial_logo.jpg?100|}} +{{:news:three_logos.jpg?420|}} 
-====== News for Week of 06-11-2018 ====== +====== ​Drone News for Week of October 8th 2018 ====== 
-===== Drone NewsBytes ===== +===== Drone NewsBytes ​"Your Unfiltered Drone News Source" ​=====
-==== Flying car startup backed by Google founder offers test flights ​====+
-[[|Test flights by first-timers were over waterwith the top speed limited to 32 kilometers per hour (20 mph) and the altitude to no more than three metersThe electric aircraft had 10 small lift rotors ​on its wingsmaking ​it capable of vertical take-off ​and landing like a helicopter.]]+==== How Swarms of Super Intelligent Drones Are Taking Over Live Entertainment ==== 
 +[[|Concerts can be boring. Typicallyyou’ve got an artist on stage singing songs and stuff, and then a bunch of spotlights beaming columns of color through some fake smokeBut something new is on the horizonand it’s equal parts creepy ​and futuristic.]]
-==== Ever wanted ​to try drone surfing? ​====+==== XRY Drone - new technology ​to acquire and analyze ​drone data - is introduced by MSAB and URSA ==== 
 +[[https://​​news-releases/​xry-drone--new-technology-to-acquire-and-analyze-drone-data--is-introduced-by-msab-and-ursa-300728145.html|XRY Drone lets investigators extract and analyze data from popular drone models being used for illegal activity --- to reveal flight paths, origin, behavior and other critical information that can identify operators]]
-[[|Using an Altadrone Freefly Systems demonstrates how you can surf while being towed by a drone.]]+==== Medicines Successfully Delivered Using a Parcel Drone in East Africa ==== 
 +[[​business/76152-medicines-successfully-delivered-using-a-parcel-drone-in-east-africa|Over a six-month periodthey successfully tested the delivery of medicines using a drone to an island in Lake Victoria. During the trials, the autonomous DHL Parcelcopter 4.0 completed the 60 km flight from the mainland to the island in 40 minutes on average.]]
-==== New Parrot Anafi drone is making a splash ​====+==== The Flying Rescuer: meet Dubai'​s new life-saving ​drone ==== 
 +[[https://​​uae/​the-flying-rescuer-meet-dubai-s-new-life-saving-drone-1.779153|Dubai Municipality launches unmanned aerial vehicle to help people drowning at sea]]
-[[​06/​parrot-anafi-compare-dji-drones/|The new Parrot Anafi drone was introduced recently and already has quite a few reviews out for itThe drone may not beat DJI on all its capabilities,​ but this drone will definitely develop its own following ]]+==== Drones mimicking bees could be used to pollinate farms of the future ==== 
 +[[|Flapping drones that mimic bees could soon be programmed to pollinate urban vertical farms of the future.]]
-==== S.2836, Preventing Emerging Threats Act: Can Homeland Security Take Down Small Drones? ​====+==== Police investigating whether drone footage filmed over Goose Fair breached flying laws ==== 
 +[[https://​​news/​nottingham-news/​police-investigating-whether-drone-footage-2092306|Police are investigating whether drone footage filmed over Nottingham'​s Goose Fair breached aviation regulations.]]
-[[​|Senate hearing last week detailed if government divisions have the right to interfere with your drone in flight.]]+==== Drone gives wings to STEM students ==== 
 +[[|Tunkhannock seventh graders got the opportunity ​to soar into the wild blue yonder on Thursday, without their feet leaving the ground.]]
-==== Rogue Drones: What Does the FAA Do to Enforce Drone Laws? New Report from GAO Offers Insight ​====+==== College offers commercial drone class ==== 
 +[[https://​​news/​66346/​college-offers-commercial-drone-class|Surry Community College will be offering a Commercial Drone Operator course for students who want to learn how to operate drones and prepare to earn a certification and permit.]]
-[[​|This article will help you understand what the FAA can and cannot do in cases of Rogue drones. They also detail out the number ​of actionable incidents they have had.]]+==== This online community expands visibility for female drone pilots ==== 
 +[[​women-who-drone-getty-images-uav-pilots-dji-database|Less than 5 percent of certified drone pilots ​in the US are women, which is a dreary statistic that highlights the lack of women in STEM industries.]]
-==== AT&​T’s All-Weather ​Drone Takes Off In Time For Hurricane Season ​====+==== Drone with thermal imaging camera locates kidnapped assault victim ​==== 
 +[[https://​​thermal-imaging-drone-locates-teen-victim/​|A teenager in the UK who called the police claiming she was being held by an assaulter at an unknown location was found using a drone equipped with thermal imaging.]]
-[[|AT&T says the Extreme Weather Drone can withstand a tropical storm with heavy rain and wind gusts up to 50 mph. It is also able to fly in snow and extreme temperaturesranging from below freezing ​to ‘sweltering’. It’s armed with thermal imaging payload, so the drone can see through smoke, tree cover, and other obstacles.]]+==== This NYC Startup Has Created The Most Immersive Form of Travel Using Drones ==== 
 +[[|That changes ​with recent Techstars NYC graduate FlyTherean immersive way to experience the world all through the eyes of a drone.]]
-==== Your Quadcopter may not survive after the French military spots it ==== +==== WILL DRONES AND PLANES BE TREATED AS EQUALS BY FAA? ==== 
-[[​digital-show-dailies/​eurosatory/2018/06/08/your-quadcopter-drone-may-not-survive-after-the-french-military-spots-it/|Yet another story about militaries prepping to destroy small civilian drones. This time the french reveal ​their Milad mobile anti-drone system. Due to a combination of Drones used as weapons in the middle-east, as well as the terrorist events in France, this system was developed to protect sensitive sites and public events.]]+[[|Despite assurances that the FAA will work towards implementing waivers for hobbyists, critics worry that in the worst case the repeal of Section 336 might mean that remote control pilots and their craft may be held to the same standards ​as their human-carrying counterparts.]]
-==== Smoking weed from a flying bong? Honestly? ​==== +==== FLIR nano-drones are now able to be automatically launched ​from vehicles ​==== 
-[[|This man decided ​to smoke weed from bong while flying it atop his Mavic Pro. Didn't say it was smart but hey it's news]]+[[ even James Bond had the ability ​to launch ​drone swarm from his decked out Aston Martin, ​but FLIR is bringing that upgrade to military vehicles. The Black Hornet 3 nano-drone now has a launch system that holds multiple drones capable of being launched in quick succession.]]
-==== 9 bizarre drones - From lake hoppers to web slingers ​==== +==== Startupstaging Inc. Offers $1 Shipping with Drone Delivery System ​==== 
-[[https://​|This article lists some of the more bizarre drones built over the past few yearsGive you view back into the development arc of current drones.]] ​+[[https://​|Startupstaging Inc.startup located at the East Stroudsburg University Innovation Center, has developed Drone Tracks, which aims to make $1 shipping ​into a reality and eliminate ​the current ​risks of using delivery ​drones.]]
-==== Saudi Arabian fashion show mocked for featuring no models ​=== +==== It's now simpler — but still not easy — to fly a drone on the University of Iowa campus ==== 
-[[https://​|As we have reported in the past the fashion community ​has dabbled with drones to help sell fashion items. Last year they used drones to show purses, this year Dolce and Gabbana used drones to show off their clothing line instead of using models.]]+[[https://​​2018/​10/​07/​university-iowa-revamps-drone-policy/1522681002/|It's a little easier to fly a drone over the University of Iowa now that the institution ​has restructured the approval process.]]
-==== Unofficial drone flying might halt Isle of Man TT motorcycle races === +==== Ban On Function Coverage With Drone Cameras ==== 
-[[​|Isle of Man CAA has banned ​the use of drones during races and practice sessions to prevent any interference ​with emergency ​and filming activity with helicopters]]+[[​pakistan/​ban-on-function-coverage-with-drone-cameras-449471.html|The district administration Faisalabad ​has banned ​coverage ​of all kinds of functions including sports activities ​with drone cameras,​remote controlled model aircraft,​unmanned aircraft system, flying cameras,​quad-copters,​helicams ​and balloons.]]
-==== Aircraft regulator wans to enlist KIWI kids to help push drone safety message ​==== +==== Sex offender believed ​to have been supplied phones in prison - via a drone ==== 
-[[https://​​c_id=1&​objectid=12066401|The Civil Aviation Authority wants to enlist schoolchildren ​to help spread the message of safety with drones to adult users, ​in the face of rapidly rising number of near misses ​with planes]]+[[https://​|A convicted sex offender bombarded a vulnerable teenaged girl with calls and texts from inside a prison, a court heard. He was using two phones which are believed to have been flown into the jail by drone.]]
-==== Drones for good: UAV fleet to be used to combat plastic pollution plaguing the world'​s oceans ​==== +==== Drone Company Opens Flight Training Class to Boca Raton ==== 
-[[|Plastic Tide’s drones survey beaches and bodies of water to quantify the scale of the problem. Software onboard the drones use algorithms to identify where the plastic is located. For each and every beach the team visitsthey take hundreds of pictures which gives them wealth of data they can learn from and make their algorithms more accurate at identifying plastic ​in images.]]+[[​bocaratonnews/​2018/​10/drone-company-opens-flight-training-class-boca-raton/|UAV Coach, a leading drone training ​and education company, just announced drone flight training classes ​in Boca Raton and nearby Miami areas.]]
-==== Company introduces a new precision landing system ​for commercial drones ​==== +==== Drone Holds Your Phone for Selfies… Or Does It? ==== 
-[[​06/​introducing-flytdock-smartest-precision-landing-solution-for-commercial-drones/|Knowing some of these applications can filter down in to the small UAV market, this very simple technology could improve precision landing for all drones]]+[[|Did you know that if you attach a pair of 7mm micro-UAV motors to a cell phone case with hot glue, it will hover and allow you to take a selfie? As seen in Peter Sripol’s latest video below, this actually works… if you have an assistant hold it up with a piece of wood and conceal it later.]]
-==== Team Dedrone selected ​to compete at the Thunderdrone "Game of Drones"​ competition ​==== +==== Nepali scientists deploy drones ​to count endangered crocodiles ​==== 
-[[| Four of the leading anti-drone companies have teamed up to demonstrate ​the capabilities ​of a layered detectiontracking, and classification solution that defends protected airspace against all drone threats.]]+[[|Researchers in Nepal used drone images ​to survey critically endangered gharial crocodiles along the banks of the Babai Rivercomparing their results to those of multi-team ground surveys.]]
-==== U.S. Officials warn Congress on risks of drones, seek new powers ==== 
-[[https://​​news/​technology/​articles/​2018-06-06/​us-officials-warn-congress-on-risks-of-drones-seek-new-powers|David Glawe, undersecretary for intelligence and analysis at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Hayley Chang, DHS' deputy general counsel, told the Senate committee that it needs new authority to disable or destroy threatening drones.]] 
-==== Parrot releases a new rolling drone with some interesting features ​==== +{{:​news:​th.jpg?​100}} 
-[[https://​​2018/​06/​10/​parrot-drone-jumping-racing-sale/#​Wix6EOrJgmqz|What happens when you take some of the best features of a flying drone and stick it in a rolling one. Parrot seems to have answered that question]]+===== Australia Drone News ======      ​
-==== Finnish Government Tests Successful Drone UTM ==== +==== Drones could become a tool for pest control in New Zealand ​==== 
-[[​06/​10/​finnish-government-tests-successful-drone-utm/|The program allowed the Finnish government to trial both a new drone inspection system for airport infrastructure,​ but also comprehensive traffic management system ​that will safely integrate drones and manned aircraft within ​the same airspace domain.]]+[[|A New Zealand ​drone company is working on prototype ​that they believe could change the way the small pacific nation deals with pests.]]
-==== Drone video of Aberdeen Armory fire ==== +==== DroneShield Ltd Release ​of DroneCannon RW ==== 
-[[https://​|Eric Timmons captured the devastating fire at the Aberdeen Armory using drone and shared it with his local news station]]+[[https://​​DroneShield-Ltd-(ASX-DRO)-Release-of-DroneCannon-RW.html|DroneShield Ltd is pleased to announce ​launch of the additional product DroneCannon RW, in response to end-user requirements]]
-=== Aydin Buyuktas bends drone images into otherworldly urban landscapes ​==== +==== Drones make mockery of right to quiet ==== 
-[[https://​​index.html|To create his images, Buyuktas photographs each location from several different angles with a drone and stitches his shots together using Photoshop creating unique ​and fascinating images.]]+[[https://​|The residential tenancy legislation of every state and territory enshrines the right of tenants to quiet enjoyment. In most jurisdictions,​ the legislation expands the right to quiet enjoyment so it also includes the right to reasonable peace, comfort ​and privacy.]]
-==== CAAS - More foreigners caught for drone violations ​==== +==== Wildlife conservation to airspace sanitisation:​ Eight commercial uses of drones ​==== 
-[[|The CAAS has identified that 12 visitors were caught between April last year and March this year not following the established rules in place for drones. ​In comparison ​for the entire year of 2016 they only had 3 violations.]]+[[​articleshow/​66092033.cms|8 Unique ways drones are being applied ​for commercial use]]
-==== Drone footage reveals Heron'​s nesting secrets ==== 
-[[http://​​wires/​pa/​article-5825845/​Drone-footage-reveals-herons-nesting-secrets.html|The footage of the heronry filmed at the Woodland Trust-owned Parrs Wood using a drone shows 18 nests perched in the tops of trees.It could provide a more accurate assessment of the number of nests used by herons than estimates made from the ground.These results show the actual population is double that which was previously estimated.]] 
-==== Drone designed to pollinate apples in the U.S ==== 
-[[https://​​2018/​06/​dropcopter-and-partner-beak-skiff-apple-orchard-showcase-autonomous-pollination-of-apples-in-u-s/​|Dropcopter,​ which uses a drone to pollinate tree crops, successfully demonstrated its Worker-Bee pollinator at the at the 800-acre orchard, which is home to more than 350,000 trees, in Lafayette, New York.]] 
-==== A single drone helped Mexican police drop crime by 10% ==== 
-[[https://​​story/​ensenada-mexico-police-drone/​|The city’s police department claims the solitary DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter led to more than 500 arrests and a 10 percent drop in overall crime rates, with a 30 percent drop in home robberies.Over four months, Avendaño’s department flew an average of 25 missions a day (more than 1,600 total), deciding where to fly based on 911 call volumes.]] 
-==== Science Panel Advises FAA to Loosen Drone Restrictions ==== 
-[[http://​​tech/​21459/​science-panel-advises-faa-to-loosen-drone-restrictions|When it came to curbing personal and recreational drone use due to the increase in near-misses between UAVs and commercial aircraft, the panel pleaded with the FAA to consider the scenario from a different point of view. “We do not ground airplanes because birds fly in the airspace, although we know birds can and do bring down aircraft,​” they wrote.]] 
 ===== Ken Videos ===== ===== Ken Videos =====
-  * [[https://​​watch?​v=uz0wLD_02nQ|See the Kitty Hawk flying car in action]] +  ​* [[https://​​this-drone-shot-1-060-horsepower-corvette-drift-video-i-1829650146|This Drone-Shot 1,060 Horsepower Corvette Drift Video Is Bananas to Watch]] 
-  * [[https://​​v=lUgpSCzuON8|Night flight ​over Hawaiian Lava fields]] +  ​* [[https://​​watch?​v=hKDVm_0N7ZQ|TAKE ME TO THE MOUNTAINS: Drone flight ​in the Alps]] 
-  * [[|DALLMYD finds a P4 Phantom at a wakeboard park]] +  * [[http://​​video/​fireworks-drones-eye-view|Flying A Drone With Night Vision Through Exploding Fireworks Is Cool As Hell]] 
-  * [[https://​|Kurt the '​CyberGuy'​ shares insight after a congressional hearing warns of an imminent drone threat.]] +  * [[https://​​60211/​faa-licensed-drone-pilot-las-vegas|Drone footage shot over many months during 2018 at Civil Twilight in Las Vegas.]] 
-  * [[​youtube_d8c268b5-6a67-58ec-93dd-fb9ba9015fe0.html|Drone ​footage ​of the venue in Singapore where the US and North Korea will hold their summit.]] +  * [[​5844461185001/?#​sp=show-clips|Drone captures incredible fall foliage in Utah]] 
-  * [[http://​|Drone'​s eye view of the bridge demolition that temporarily closed parts of I-70 in Kansas]] +  * [[http://​​video/​drone-fog-to-clear-sky|Drone Captures Breathtaking View Flying From Fog-Blanketed City To Clear Blue Skies]] 
-  * [[​v=PT1lYx1sZys|One long continuous drone shot of a very long military train in the U.S.]] +  * [[https://​​jacksonville/​neighbors-warn-of-5-foot-gator-in-pond-near-san-marco|Neighbors warn of 5-foot gator in pond near San Marco]] 
-  * [[​local/​drone/​watch-fly-inside-safeco-field-by-drone/281-563312728|WATCH: Fly inside Safeco Field by drone]] +  * [[​10/​10/​stunning-drone-footage-of-miami-with-the-dji-mavic-2-pro/|Stunning ​Drone Footage ​of Miami with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro]] 
-  * [[https://​|Stunning drone shots put the World Cup in motion]] +  * [[http://​​video-hawaii-volcano-eruption-the-aftermath/​|VIDEO:​ Hawaii Volcano Eruption – The Aftermath]] 
-  ​+  * [[​soar/​drone-video-uss-nightmare|Drone video: USS Nightmare]] 
 +  * [[|YouTuber Creates FIFA Skills Game In Real Life And Dupes His Dad using a drone]] 
 +  * [[https://​​5bbb5f78cd15ef7ab5416200/?​guccounter=1|Ready for Halloween? Dronecam shows harvest at huge UK pumpkin farm]] 
 +  * [[https://​​news/​national-international/​We-Will-Rise-From-the-Ashes-Coffey-Park-Rebuilds-495203461.html|Coffey Park Rebuilds a Year After Deadly Wine Country Wildfires]]
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