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-====== News for Week of 06-11-2018 ====== +====== ​Drone News for Week of August 13th 2018 ====== 
-===== Drone NewsBytes ===== +===== Drone NewsBytes ​"Your Unfiltered Drone News Source" ​=====
-==== Flying car startup backed by Google founder offers test flights ​====+
 +==== RoboTiCan’s Goshawk drone takes down rogue drones in an unconventional way ====
 +[[https://​​2018/​08/​14/​roboticans-goshawk-drone-takes-down-rogue-drones-in-an-unconventional-way/​|RoboTiCan is ditching the nets as their Goshawk drone uses its large frame to collide with hostile aircraft, sending them falling to the surface while still staying airborne.]]
-[[https://​|Test flights by first-timers were over waterwith the top speed limited to 32 kilometers per hour (20 mph) and the altitude to no more than three metersThe electric aircraft had 10 small lift rotors ​on its wingsmaking it capable of vertical take-off and landing like helicopter.]]+==== Toddler’s Popsicle-by-Air Marks Milestone in U.S. Drone Delivery ==== 
 +[[https://​​08/​08/​toddler-s-popsicle-by-air-marks-milestone-in-u-s-drone-delivery#​gs.BrjI5Uw|From her home in a wooded hollow in Virginia hill countryBrianna Smith and her two-year-old son Jack entered ​the aviation record books on TuesdayJust six minutes after a technician from Alphabet Inc.’s Wing clicked the “Confirm Order” button ​on a smartphone app, a drone operated by the company had flown from a simulated store more than a mile away, hovered over her lawn and lowered the ice cream and Popsicle she’d ordered.]]
-==== Ever wanted to try drone surfing? ​====+==== Family seeks help from drone pilots to find missing woman in Colorado ​==== 
 +[[https://​​news/​boulder-county-colorado-missing-woman-rita-gutierrez-garcia-drone-pilots/​|A family who is searching for their daughter has asked the drone community to assist them in trying to find out where she is. They have been searching on foot using cadaver dogs but the area they are searching is very large. They are asking for assistance from the drone community in Colorado to help search from Longmont to Rollins Pass outside of Nederland.]]
-[[|Using an Altadrone Freefly Systems demonstrates how you can surf while being towed by a drone.]]+==== Caltech Researchers Are Training a Drone to Herd Flocks of Birds Away from Airports ==== 
 +[[​08/​07/​caltech-researchers-trained-drone-heard-flocks-birds-airports/|The algorithmdeveloped ​by researchers at Caltech, draws on computer models of the behavior of birds inside flocks, such as collision avoidance and velocity matching. It can allow single ​drone to fly alongside flocks of birds to adjust their paths away from air traffic.]]
-==== New Parrot Anafi drone is making a splash ​====+==== KDOT launches its first flight in federal ​drone program - Shared by Chris Kaufman==== 
 +[[https://​​news/​local/​kdot-launches-its-first-flight-in-federal-drone-program/​1369134356|Today,​ Kansas did something nobody else in the country could do, take a drone beyond the line of sight. ​ Kansas Department of Transportation and 30 other Kansas groups kicked off a federal program called UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP). The event took place in Gypsum where almost 50 people watched officials test ways to fly commercial drones much farther than before.]]
-[[​06/​parrot-anafi-compare-dji-drones/|The new Parrot Anafi drone was introduced recently and already has quite a few reviews out for it. The drone may not beat DJI on all its capabilities,​ but this drone will definitely develop its own following ]]+==== New ‘heavy lifting’ drone gets green light from Transport Canada ==== 
 +[[|drone that can haul up to 25 pounds as far as 60 kilometres is slated to begin test flights in Canada’s skies this week.]]
-==== S.2836, Preventing Emerging Threats Act: Can Homeland Security Take Down Small Drones? ​====+==== Drone images show hundreds of Indonesia earthquake survivors swarming onto rescue boats as death toll soars to 347 ==== 
 +[[https://​​news/​6969319/​indonesia-earthquake-drone-images-rescue-boats/​|The latest death toll of 347 was reported by state-run Antara news agency, while separate figures estimated 70,000 people had been left homeless. Rescue efforts were hampered as 234 aftershocks struck the islands, but many survivors were pulled from the rubble. These included a 10-month-old baby rescued from the debris on the Gili Islands.]]
-[[|Senate hearing last week detailed if government divisions have the right to interfere ​with your drone in flight.]]+==== "We have limited ability to control what people do with our products"​ says drone company DJI ==== 
 +[[|The Shenzhen-based drone manufacturer has built features into its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that aim to enhance their safety and security of the UAVs. It is also working on new developments. "While we build some prudent safety and security features into our products, we have limited ability ​to control what people do with them," said DJI. "As with any technology, if people decide to misuse our products ​in any way, they have to be responsible for their actions."]]
-==== Rogue Drones: What Does the FAA Do to Enforce ​Drone Laws? New Report from GAO Offers Insight ​====+==== 26 Days in the Air: Airbus ​Drone Smashes World Record ​==== 
 +[[https://​​science/​201808091067076116-airbus-drone-smashes-record/​|A Zephyr S HAPS drone (High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite) successfully landed in Farnborough,​ the UK upon finishing its first trial flight. The drone was in the air for 25 days, 23 hours, and 57 minutes, breaking the world record for a pilotless aircraft. It will now go to Australia for a 100 day attempt.]]
-[[|This article will help you understand what the FAA can and cannot do in cases of Rogue drones. They also detail out the number of actionable incidents they have had.]]+==== Drone seen flying illegally on Mukilteo side of Paine Field ==== 
 +[[| The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating an unauthorized drone flight over Paine Field this week. Officials say it created a potential hazard for aircraft landing ​and taking off at the airport.]]
-==== AT&​T’s All-Weather ​Drone Takes Off In Time For Hurricane Season ​====+==== Drone flights may detect Longmont emerald ash borer infestation ​==== 
 +[[http://​​longmont-local-news/​ci_32062671/​drone-flights-may-detect-longmont-emerald-ash-borer|Longmont will be gathering data from drone flights to help determine the spread of the destructive emerald ash borer in parts of a southwest area of the city. The ash tree is a very commonly planted tree in many communities. The emerald ash borer has killed tens of millions of ash trees in the United States. Once the emerald ash borer population builds in numbers, ash mortality is near 100 percent.]]
-[[​06/​05/​at-and-t-all-weather-drone-hurricane-season/|AT&T says the Extreme Weather Drone can withstand ​tropical storm with heavy rain and wind gusts up to 50 mphIt is also able to fly in snow and extreme temperatures,​ ranging from below freezing to ‘sweltering’. It’s armed with a thermal imaging payload, so the drone can see through smoke, tree cover, and other obstacles.]]+==== YouTuber creates giant Lego helicopter drone! ==== 
 +[[|Woodworth’s creation was inspired from 6396 International Jetport Lego set that was released in 1990The giant Lego helicopter ​is ten times the size of the original toy helicopter.]]
-==== Your Quadcopter may not survive after the French military spots it ==== +==== Lincolnshire Charity Uses Drones to Locate Homeless People in Rural and Coastal Areas ==== 
-[[​eurosatory/​2018/​06/08/your-quadcopter-drone-may-not-survive-after-the-french-military-spots-it/|Yet another story about militaries prepping to destroy small civilian drones. This time the french reveal their Milad mobile anti-drone system. Due to a combination of Drones used as weapons ​in the middle-eastas well as the terrorist events ​in France, this system was developed ​to protect sensitive sites and public events.]]+[[|The P3 Charity ​in LincolnshireEngland has successfully begun implementing UAVs in its efforts ​to locate vulnerable homeless people in remote areas.]]
-==== Smoking weed from flying bong? Honestly? ​==== +==== Near Kiev found plantation of cannabis with a drone ==== 
-[[​weed/​smoking-weed-with-bong-and-drone|This man decided to smoke weed from a bong while flying it atop his Mavic Pro. Didn't say it was smart but hey it's news]]+[[​86336/​|In the framework of operation “poppy” with Aero investigation in Irpen Kiev region employees of Department of counteraction of narcocrime of Kyiv found planting 300 bushes of hemp]]
-==== 9 bizarre drones ​From lake hoppers to web slingers ​==== +==== Automakers are implementing drone-like obstacle avoidance systems into their vehicles ​==== 
-[[https://​|This article lists some of the more bizarre drones built over the past few yearsGive you view back into the development arc of current drones.]] +[[https://​|The Ford F-150 in the video used a mixture of radar and camera technology to scan ahead of the vehicleAccording to Ford’s press release, their PCS is designed to provide ​warning to the driver once it detects an incoming obstacle, and it can also automatically apply full braking force by itself.]]
-==== Saudi Arabian fashion show mocked for featuring no models ​=== +==== Electric vehicles and drones set to disrupt transport ==== 
-[[​lifestyle/fashion/fashion-shows/saudi-arabian-fashion-show-mocked-for-featuring-no-models/news-story/718d08420370864e8c0a25e04eb28616|As we have reported in the past the fashion community has dabbled with drones to help sell fashion itemsLast year they used drones ​to show pursesthis year Dolce and Gabbana used drones to show off their clothing line instead ​of using models.]]+[[|Drones can help to unlock data that was previously hard to accessDrones can be used as a valuable tool to capture data more accurately, efficiently, and safely. In the Irish context, ​drones ​are being used to survey motorways throughout Ireland. This not only provides more accuracy it reduces the number of staff inspections. The aim of current drone use is to reduce the number of road closures needed for routine checks and to enable the faster assessment ​of any road damage.]]
-==== Unofficial drone flying might halt Isle of Man TT motorcycle races === +==== Drones Find Place in Public Service in New York Towns ==== 
-[[|Isle of Man CAA has banned the use of drones during races and practice sessions ​to prevent any interference with emergency ​and filming activity with helicopters]]+[[​Drones-Find-Place-in-Public-Service-in-New-York-Towns.html|From city planning ​to emergency ​response, the aerial technology is making it easier for municipalities on Long Island to serve the public, officials say.]]
-==== Aircraft regulator wans to enlist KIWI kids to help push drone safety message ​==== +==== FAA approves ​drone test site for flight without chase plane ==== 
-[[​nz/news/article.cfm?​c_id=1&​objectid=12066401|The Civil Aviation ​Authority wants to enlist schoolchildren to help spread ​the message ​of safety with drones ​to adult users, in the face of rapidly rising number of near misses with planes]]+[[​faa-approves-drone-test-site-for-flight-without-chase-plane/​article_9164dd8b-23f3-5c89-95f0-da80a3986257.html|The Federal ​Aviation ​Administration has approved a North Dakota drone test site for flight beyond ​the pilot’s line of sight. The two-year certificate of authorization for the Grand Forks-based Northern Plains UAS Test Site allows large UAS to fly 30 nautical miles around ​the adjacent Grand Sky technology park without ​chase plane beginning April 20.]]
-==== Drones ​for good: UAV fleet to be used to combat plastic pollution plaguing the world'​s oceans ​==== +==== What Does It Mean to Create a Drone Program ​for Construction Enterprises? ​==== 
-[[https://​|Plastic Tide’s drones survey beaches and bodies of water to quantify the scale of the problem. Software onboard the drones use algorithms ​to identify where the plastic is locatedFor each and every beach the team visits, they take hundreds ​of pictures which gives them wealth of data they can learn from and make their algorithms more accurate at identifying plastic in images.]]+[[https://​​latest/​create-drone-program-construction-enterprises/|Construction professionals have been working through what it could mean to utilize drone technology in order to create efficiencies for a long time now, but regulation was always cited as a barrier to entryMany construction stakeholders determined that the potential value of creating ​drone program did not outweigh the actual costs and headaches associated with adoption under Section 333.]]
-==== Company introduces a new precision landing system for commercial drones ​==== +==== New blockchain-enabled drone to revolutionise cargo industry ​==== 
-[[https://​​06/​introducing-flytdock-smartest-precision-landing-solution-for-commercial-drones/|Knowing some of these applications can filter down in to the small UAV marketthis very simple technology could improve precision landing for all drones]]+[[https://​​48622/|Russian aviation engineers have built a new type of drone which is capable of delivering large amounts of cargofighting fires and spraying insecticides and fertilizers. The drones ​can carry up to 880 pound and can travel up to 220 miles over eight hours.]]
-==== Team Dedrone selected ​to compete at the Thunderdrone "Game of Drones"​ competition ​==== +==== UK researchers ​to create drone experiment corridor ​==== 
-[[https://​​Four of the leading anti-drone companies have teamed up to demonstrate ​the capabilities of a layered detection, tracking, ​and classification solution that defends protected ​airspace ​against all drone threats.]]+[[https://​|The National Beyond visual line of sight Experimentation Corridor (NBEC) being created in Bedfordshire will be the first area in the UK where unmanned aircraft ​and manned aircraft can fly in the same airspace. The NBEC will cover around 12 miles between unmanned ​drone developer Blue Bear Systems Research and Cranfield University’s airport.]]
-==== U.S. Officials warn Congress on risks of drones, seek new powers ​==== +==== The Drive Checked out the SureFly Passenger Drone in NYC Aug13 ==== 
-[[​2018-06-06/us-officials-warn-congress-on-risks-of-drones-seek-new-powers|David Glaweundersecretary for intelligence ​and analysis at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ​(DHS), and Hayley Chang, DHS' deputy general counsel, told the Senate committee that it needs new authority to disable or destroy threatening drones.]]+[[|The Workhorse Group took over New York City’s Flatiron Plaza Monday and braved the drizzly weather in order to publicly display two of its most exciting ​new products: the range-extendedlithium-ion battery-powered W-15 electric pickup ​and the personal hybrid electric, vertical takeoff and landing ​(VTOLSureFly passenger drone.]]
-==== Parrot releases a new rolling drone with some interesting features ​==== +==== RUSSIAN troops thwart mass DRONE ATTACK on Syrian base shooting down five intruders ​==== 
-[[​Wix6EOrJgmqz|What happens when you take some of the best features of a flying drone and stick it in a rolling oneParrot seems to have answered that question]]+[[|FIVE drones have been shot down by Russian air defences outside one of their Syrian bases in the past 24 hours alone, ​in just the latest example of the unmanned vehicles being turned into weapons of war.]]
-==== Finnish Government Tests Successful Drone UTM ==== 
-[[https://​​2018/​06/​10/​finnish-government-tests-successful-drone-utm/​|The program allowed the Finnish government to trial both a new drone inspection system for airport infrastructure,​ but also a comprehensive traffic management system that will safely integrate drones and manned aircraft within the same airspace domain.]] 
-==== Drone video of Aberdeen Armory fire ==== 
-[[https://​​video/​news/​drone-video-of-aberdeen-armory-fire/​281-8155522|Eric Timmons captured the devastating fire at the Aberdeen Armory using a drone and shared it with his local news station]] 
-=== Aydin Buyuktas bends drone images into otherworldly urban landscapes ==== 
-[[https://​​style/​article/​drone-photography-istanbul-aydin-buyuktas/​index.html|To create his images, Buyuktas photographs each location from several different angles with a drone and stitches his shots together using Photoshop creating unique and fascinating images.]] 
-==== CAAS - More foreigners caught for drone violations ==== 
-[[https://​​news/​singapore/​caas-more-foreigners-caught-drone-violations|The CAAS has identified that 12 visitors were caught between April last year and March this year not following the established rules in place for drones. In comparison for the entire year of 2016 they only had 3 violations.]] 
-==== Drone footage reveals Heron'​s nesting secrets ==== 
-[[http://​​wires/​pa/​article-5825845/​Drone-footage-reveals-herons-nesting-secrets.html|The footage of the heronry filmed at the Woodland Trust-owned Parrs Wood using a drone shows 18 nests perched in the tops of trees.It could provide a more accurate assessment of the number of nests used by herons than estimates made from the ground.These results show the actual population is double that which was previously estimated.]] 
-==== Drone designed to pollinate apples in the U.S ==== 
-[[https://​​2018/​06/​dropcopter-and-partner-beak-skiff-apple-orchard-showcase-autonomous-pollination-of-apples-in-u-s/​|Dropcopter,​ which uses a drone to pollinate tree crops, successfully demonstrated its Worker-Bee pollinator at the at the 800-acre orchard, which is home to more than 350,000 trees, in Lafayette, New York.]] 
-==== A single drone helped Mexican police drop crime by 10% ==== +{{:​news:​th.jpg?​100}} 
-[[https://​​story/​ensenada-mexico-police-drone/​|The city’s police department claims the solitary DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter led to more than 500 arrests and a 10 percent drop in overall crime rates, with a 30 percent drop in home robberies.Over four months, Avendaño’s department flew an average of 25 missions a day (more than 1,600 total), deciding where to fly based on 911 call volumes.]]+===== Australia Drone News ======      ​
-==== Science Panel Advises FAA to Loosen ​Drone Restrictions ​==== +==== Drone company flying blood around Rwanda says Australia could be next ==== 
-[[​science-panel-advises-faa-to-loosen-drone-restrictions|When it came to curbing personal and recreational drone use due to the increase in near-misses between UAVs and commercial aircraft, ​the panel pleaded with the FAA to consider the scenario from a different point of view. “We do not ground ​airplanes because birds fly in the airspace, although we know birds can and do bring down aircraft,​” they wrote.]]+[[|Australia’s civil aviation regulator says a similar program would need permission ​to stretch ​the current rules but could get off the ground ​soon.]]
 +==== Drones to boost endangered turtle monitoring as rangers navigate around crocs, feral pigs ====
 +[[http://​​news/​2018-08-08/​drones-trialled-for-turtle-count-cape-york-peninsula/​10089700|Rangers involved in a massive population survey of endangered turtles are trialling drones to help them locate vulnerable nests faster to ensure their protection from predators.]]
 +==== Brisbane to get 10 drone launch pads ====
 +[[https://​​national/​queensland/​brisbane-to-get-10-drone-launch-pads/​news-story/​b0574a2e601598769a55f66327c7f6de|DRONES are set to become a common fixture in the Brisbane sky, with 10 launch pads to be permanently rolled across the city. It follows a surge in demand from drone enthusiasts who have taken part in Brisbane City Council’s Australian first trial of the drone zone parks since December last year.]]
 +==== Qld govt pushes to become ‘drone capital ====
 +[[https://​​story/​5575432/​qld-govt-pushes-to-become-drone-capital/​|The Queensland Government is forging ahead with its plan to make the sunshine state the drone capital of Australia. The world’s leading minds in drone technology will converge on Brisbane for one of the largest unmanned automated vehicle conferences on the globe.]]
 +==== Drone taxis could be in Australian skies '​within three years' ====
 +[[https://​​drone-taxis-soon-take-brisbane-skies-105112856.html|Drone taxis could soon be a reality in Brisbane as entrepreneurs seek to attract trials and testing for “personal transport drones” as early as this year. “We will have flying taxis hopefully in Queensland. We’re trying to attract a couple of companies to do their trial and testing this year,” Drone entrepreneur Dr Catherine Ball told 7 News.]]
 +==== Parazero UAV safety systems now available in Australia ====
 +[[https://​​latest-news/​parazero-uav-safety-systems-now-available-in-australia|The SafeAir systems for DJI Matrice 200 and 600s monitor operational parameters while the drone is in flight, cutting power to the rotors and deploying a ballistic parachute system in the event of a critical failure — even featuring an audio buzzer to warn bystanders of the aircraft’s descent.]]
 +==== Australia drought: Thirsty cattle swarm New South Wales water truck ====
 +[[https://​​news/​av/​world-australia-45112536/​australia-drought-thirsty-cattle-swarm-new-south-wales-water-truck|An Australian farmer has shared drone footage of cattle swarming around a water truck in the drought-hit state of New South Wales.]]
 +==== RangerBot Underwater Drone Kills Starfish in Mission to Save Great Barrier Reef ====
 +[[https://​​2018/​08/​13/​rangerbot-underwater-drone-kills-starfish-in-mission-to-save-great-barrier-reef/​|RangerBot uses autonomous technology and a high tech vision system to tackle the problem of the crown of thorns starfish. It does this using four ‘robot eyes’ and an injection system that mimics a method currently employed by divers to control crown of thorns starfish.]]
 +{{:​news:​how_do_i1.png?​110|}}===== How To Videos - A Place to Learn =====
 +==== How to buy a drone in 2018 ====
 +[[https://​​topics/​drones/​buying-guide/​|A well done guide to how to decide what to buy in 2018 for your first drone purchase]]
 ===== Ken Videos ===== ===== Ken Videos =====
-  * [[https://​|See the Kitty Hawk flying car in action]] +  * [[https://​​BknB-3DFqFN/​?taken-by=ferrisrafauli|This Epic Drone Video Of Drake'​s Majestic Toronto Mansion Will Give You Chills]] 
-  * [[https://​​v=lUgpSCzuON8|Night flight over Hawaiian Lava fields]] +  * [[https://​​videos/​drone-footage-sunshine-coast/​61755/|Spectacular footage of the Whitsundays from the air.]] 
-  * [[|DALLMYD finds P4 Phantom ​at a wakeboard park]] +  * [[​drone-video-shows-mesmerising-movements-094845042.html?guccounter=1|This drone video shows man and his dog guide 2,000 young sheep at a farm in Western Australia.]] 
-  * [[|Kurt the '​CyberGuy'​ shares insight after a congressional hearing warns of an imminent drone threat.]] +  * [[​youtube_7e5fdb74-e8ba-595e-a0ec-8ddd98d1e8e4.html|Drone Racing Course Opens in Vermont]] 
-  * [[http://​​youtube_d8c268b5-6a67-58ec-93dd-fb9ba9015fe0.html|Drone footage of the venue in Singapore where the US and North Korea will hold their summit.]] +  * [[http://​​​|EMERGENCY services have released dramatic drone footage ​showing the true scale of the devastating blaze in Llangollen.]] 
-  * [[http://​|Drone'​s eye view of the bridge demolition that temporarily closed parts of I-70 in Kansas]] +  * [[http://​|Georgetown, Cynthiana Police Use Drones To Find Lost Hikers]] 
-  * [[https://​​v=PT1lYx1sZys|One long continuous drone shot of a very long military train in the U.S.]] +  * [[https://​​2018/​08/​video-300-drones-to-light-up-the-ij-in-amsterdam-in-franchise-freedom/​|300 drones to light up the IJ in Amsterdam in Franchise Freedom]] 
-  * [[https://​​local/​drone/watch-fly-inside-safeco-field-by-drone/281-563312728|WATCH: Fly inside Safeco Field by drone]] +  * [[https://​|Drone dives almost 208 metres from top of Poolbeg chimneys in this spectacular video]] 
-  * [[​amazing/​stunning-drone-shots-put-the-world-cup-in-motion-capturing-the-artistic-side-of-russias-stadiums/|Stunning ​drone shots put the World Cup in motion]]+  * [[|A little bit of Rome in Iraq: Amphitheater replica shown off in breathtaking ​drone footage]] 
 +  * [[http://​​video/​news/​video-1742240/​VIDEO-Drone-footage-shows-abandoned-church-Lincolnshire.html|Drone footage shows abandoned church ​in Lincolnshire]]
   ​   ​
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