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-{{:news:jas_aerial_logo.jpg?100|}} +~~NOTOC~~ 
-====== News for Week of 06-11-2018 ​====== +{{:news:three_logos.jpg?420|}} 
-===== Drone NewsBytes ===== +====== ​Drone News for Week of  ====== 
-==== Flying car startup backed by Google founder offers test flights ==== +===== Drone NewsBytes ​Your Unfiltered Drone News Source ​===== 
- +|[[​after-costly-crash-crab-man-fishes-drone-from-the-drink/​article_119f2955-7d32-56bb-99d7-b57bfdd154d3.html|After costly crashCrab Man fishes drone from the drink]] - Crab fisherman recovers a $20,000 drone that crashed into the water near the pier he was crabbing at| 
- +|[[​innovation/​inventions/​mans-extreme-reaction-to-real-estate-agents-drone-near-his-nsw-property/news-story/​06af24896f3d389481cc63e183077ad5|Man shoots down real estate agent’s drone in NSW]] - A New South Wales man has allegedly taken the law into his own hands in an extreme response to a drone that was being flown by a real estate agent near his property.
-[[|Test flights by first-timers were over waterwith the top speed limited to 32 kilometers per hour (20 mph) and the altitude to no more than three metersThe electric aircraft had 10 small lift rotors on its wings, making it capable of vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter.]] +|[[https://​​news/​business-46801668|The drone pilot whose maps are saving lives in Zanzibar ​]] - Drones are being used to map previously unmapped areas in Africa to the benefit of its citizens.| 
- +|[[|Pee Dee students learn drone technology through STEM program]] - The drone industry is taking off and it’s not expected to slow down anytime soon.That’s why Florence County School District Four has brought the technology to classrooms. As part of its new STEM initiative, students in Florence County School District Four are getting hands-on training, thanks to the help of a $20,000 donation from Honda.
-==== Ever wanted to try drone surfing? ==== +|[[https://​​drone-security-cameras-are-the-smart-devices-of-the-future|Drone Security Cameras are the Smart Devices of the Future]] - Drones have been on full display at CES 2019, but one company seems to stand out through their unique usage case: drone home securitySunflower Labs debuted their drone security system that would be able to use camera drones to investigate possible signs of trouble and protect homes fairly autonomously.| 
- +|[[|This teenager made $7,​000 ​last year as a drone photographer]] - How an Australian 13-year-old turned a passion of tinkering with machines into a money-making business.| 
-[[|Using an Alta, drone Freefly Systems demonstrates how you can surf while being towed by a drone.]] +|[[​technology/​flying-taxi-or-the-batwing-this-massive-drone-wants-to-take-you-to-the-airport|Flying taxi or the Batwing? ​This massive drone wants to take you to the airport.]] - At first glance, Bell'Nexus air taxi concept looks very much like Batman'​s iconic hoverplane with its sleek black design and high-tech instruments,​ but a closer look reveals this to be simply the evolution of ride-sharing into the sky.| 
- +|[[​|Legendary surfer almost hit by Phantom drone at Pipeline ]] In this short but beautiful YouTube video, legendary surfer Derek Ho is almost hit by a Phantom ​drone as he surfs the Bonzai Pipeline.| 
-==== New Parrot Anafi drone is making a splash ==== +|[[https://​​cool-tech/drone-activity-map-airmap-google-wing/|Want to Know Which Drones are Flying Near You? There'​s an App for That ]] - Want to know what that mysterious drone buzzing over your head is up to? A new system developed by AirMap, Google Wing, and could soon be able to tell you -- by showing you a map of all local drone activity on your smartphone.| 
- +|[[https://​​technology/​2019/​01/​drone-paranoia-gatwick-heathrow-airport-sightings-ufos.html|Drone paranoia has us seeing things ​in the sky that arent there.]] - Drones have become humanity’s preferred catch-all explanation for weird stuff in the sky.| 
-[[|The new Parrot Anafi drone was introduced recently ​and already ​has quite few reviews out for itThe drone may not beat DJI on all its capabilities, but this drone will definitely develop its own following ]] +|[[​drone-breaks-guinness-world-record-251726.html|Drone Breaks Guinness World Record ]] - FPT Industrial Supported Forvola breaking the Guinness World Record of the heaviest load carried by a drone.| 
- +|[[​swinomish-police-use-drone-to-catch-assault-suspect-hiding-under-dock/|Swinomish police use drone to catch assault suspect hiding under dock]] ​Police used new technology ​to catch an assault suspect on the run. About 1 a.m. Saturdayofficers were called to the Swinomish Casino ​to a report of a man assaulting his girlfriendThe suspect ran off before police got there.| 
-==== S.2836, Preventing Emerging Threats Act: Can Homeland Security Take Down Small Drones? ==== +|[[|Gallatin CoSearch & Rescue teams utilize drone tech from volunteers]] - Gallatin County is home to the busiest search and rescue team in the state, and it's using a new tool to find people -- a drone that isn't costing taxpayers a thing.| 
- +|[[https://​|LAPD used drone for first time in recent Koreatown standoff ]] - The Los Angeles Police Department used a drone for the first time during a standoff last week between SWAT officers and a robbery suspect in KoreatownLAPD Chief Michel Moore said Tuesday the drone was used to give officers ​a view inside a second-story apartment in the 300 block of Berendo Street, where police believed the suspect was hiding during the Jan9 standoff.| 
-[[​|Senate hearing ​last week detailed if government divisions have the right to interfere with your drone in flight.]] +|[[https://​|Clinton man who designed drone that fires gun, shoots flame gets year for assaulting officers]] - Austin Haughwout, ​the Clinton man who designed drones that could fire a gun and shoot flames, and who has had multiple run-ins ​with police, was sentenced Tuesday ​to year in jail. In Novembera Middlesex Superior Court jury convicted Haughwout, 22, of two counts of assault on a police officer ​and one count each of disobeying an officer’s signal and interfering with police.| 
- +|[[​2019/​01/​new-federal-rules-would-let-drones-fly-at-night-and-over-crowds/|New federal rules would let drones fly at night and over crowds ]] - The Federal Aviation Administration proposed Monday to relax rules governing commercial drone operations. Since 2016, the FAA has allowed ​the commercial operation ​of unmanned aerial vehicles weighing less than 55 pounds under certain limited circumstances. New rules proposed this week would relax two of the restrictions in the 2016 rules: ​drones ​will now be allowed ​to operate at night, ​and they'​ll be able to operate over people.| 
-==== Rogue Drones: What Does the FAA Do to Enforce Drone Laws? New Report from GAO Offers Insight ==== +|[[https://​​senator-markey-calls-for-privacy-protections-in-wake-of-faa-drone-proposal|Senator Markey Calls for Privacy Protections in Wake of FAA Drone Proposal ]] - In the wake of the Federal ​Aviation ​Administration’s (FAA) release of a proposed rule to allow unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, ​to be flown commercially over people and at night, Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) called for strong privacy rules to be put in place before any rules are finalized. For the past three Congresses, Senator Markey has introduced the Drone Aircraft Privacy and Transparency Act, legislation that would ensure standards for informing the public about the location, timing and ownership ​of drones. The legislation would require privacy protection provisions relating ​to data collection and minimizationdisclosure, warrant requirements for law enforcement,​ and enforcement measures ​in the licensing and operation ​of drones.| 
- +|[[​01/​14/​22-miles-mavic-2-pro-florida/|Man flies Mavic 2 Pro more than 22 miles over busy road ]] - Man flies unmodified DJI Mavic 2 Pro for more than 22 miles over a busy road in FloridaLongest flight? Maybe, but not the safest flight!| 
-[[|This article will help you understand what the FAA can and cannot do in cases of Rogue drones. They also detail out the number of actionable incidents they have had.]] +|[[https://​|Nevada chosen as drone test site for pilot program ​]] - Nevada’s urban centers are about to see a lot more drone testing.| 
- +|[[|A vape pendelivered by drone, got an arson suspect to surrender ​ after a 6-hour standoff ​]] - After fleeing a in Novato, Calif., gas station that he’d allegedly tried to burn, the suspect agreed to turn himself in if cops would deliver him cigarettes firstPolice worried that he had gasoline ​on his clothesso they instead delivered him a vape pen via drone. He surrendered without further incident and now faces charges of attempted arson and vandalism.| 
-==== AT&T’All-Weather Drone Takes Off In Time For Hurricane Season ==== +|[[https://​​picture-gallery/news/2019/01/13/drone-view-inside-demolished-bradley-center/​2566000002/​|Drone view inside the demolished Bradley Center]] ​Take a look inside the demolished Bradley Center after the roof was blown off.| 
- +|[[http://​​node/​1435026/​saudi-arabia|Pay SR250 for a permit, ​and legally fly your drone in Saudi Arabia ]] - RIYADH: Saudi drone enthusiasts were celebrating on Sunday after aviation chiefs moved to end confusion over the devices’ legalityA recreational drone permit will cost SR250, just under $70, the General Authority for Civil Aviation ​(GACAsaid. Applicants require only a national identity card or iqama, and the make and  serial number of the drone| 
-[[|AT&T says the Extreme Weather Drone can withstand a tropical storm with heavy rain and wind gusts up to 50 mphIt is also able to fly in snow and extreme temperatures,​ ranging from below freezing to ‘sweltering’. It’s armed with a thermal imaging payload, so the drone can see through smoke, tree cover, and other obstacles.]] +|[[|Wireless charging hotspots let drones fly forever through in-air recharges]] - A Portland, Oregon-based company named Global Energy Transmission (GET) is developing a network ​of wireless charging hotspots for drones. With only six minutes hovering over a grid for a full charge, an electric industrial class drone can repeat ​the cycle of charging and flying until its battery is drained without ever having to land or connect to cable using this technology. GET’s long-term vision includes a cell-tower like infrastructure comprising numerous charging stations, enabling indefinite ​flying ​time for drones in the network. If successful, this technology could reinvent the commercial ​drone industry, providing 24/7 solutions ​in dedicated areas for things like deliveries, monitoring, and security.| 
- +|[[|New drone hub in Limburg off to a flying start ]] - The new DronePort in Sint-Truiden has been chosen ​for a test project ​that will partly determine how the EU will regulate ​drones ​in the future| 
-==== Your Quadcopter may not survive after the French military spots it ==== +|[[http://​​detail/​asean-plus/​30362150|Japan plans to draw up guidelines for underwater drones ​]] - The government plans to draw up guidelines for underwater drones by fiscal 2020, reflecting the need for rules to prevent accidents as the use of such vehicles by the private sector is expected to increase, according to sources. | 
-[[|Yet another story about militaries prepping ​to destroy small civilian drones. This time the french reveal their Milad mobile anti-drone system. Due to a combination of Drones used as weapons in the middle-eastas well as the terrorist events in France, this system was developed ​to protect sensitive sites and public events.]] +|[[https://​|Do not blame the drones for outpacing airspace regulation]] ​The UK has the chance to become the global standard but Big Tech has ambitions| 
- +|[[http://​​2019/​drone-dive-maneuver-tower|Drone Pilot Pulls Off Absurdly Precise Maneuver Through Metal Tower ]] - This is one helluva confident maneuver through what appears to be some kind of art installation in the form of metal tower.| 
-==== Smoking weed from a flying bong? Honestly? ==== +|[[https://​​video-aee-aviation-launches-selfly-smartphone-flying-case/​|AEE Aviation launches '​Selfly'​ smartphone flying case]] - The device can fly up to 50 feet away, shoot at 60FPS in HD, and take 13MP still photos.| 
-[[|This man decided to smoke weed from a bong while flying it atop his Mavic ProDidn't say it was smart but hey it's news]] +|[[https://​​01/​16/​rogue-cow-wandering-the-anchorage-hillside-has-managed-to-evade-a-police-drone-search/|Rogue cow wandering the Anchorage Hillside has managed to evade police ​drone search ​]] - Not even two drones equipped with high-definition video cameras and infrared imaging could locate Betsy.| 
- +{{:​news:​th.jpg?​200}} 
-==== 9 bizarre drones ​From lake hoppers ​to web slingers ==== +===== Australia Drone News ====== 
-[[https://​|This article lists some of the more bizarre drones built over the past few yearsGive you a view back into the development arc of current drones.]]  +|[[​video-shark-swims-just-metres-from-beachgoers-in-sydneys-south-20190109|Shark Swims Just Metres From Beachgoers ​In Sydney'​s South ]] - Swimmers in Sydney'​s ​south were evacuated from the water on Tuesday after a surprise visit from a three-metre shark.| 
- +|[[http://​|A new system that allows you to fly your drone over crowds ]] In America, ​new product has just passed rigorous testing which now allows you to fly your DJI drone over crowds, as long as it has a parachute attached. The Nexus system, by Indemnis, a company based in Anchorage, Alaska, provides reliable parachute technology for small drones. It straps onto DJI drones and acts as safety measure in case the drone failsIt is equipped with sensors ​that can determine if any anomalies are occurring during a flight.
-==== Saudi Arabian fashion show mocked for featuring no models === +|[[https://​​2019/​01/​google-coffee-delivery-drones-australia/​|Google Testing Out Coffee Delivery By Drones In Australia ​]] - Is drone delivery the future of deliveries? We know that some companies are already working on such technology, and a recent video published by the Wall Street Journal has revealed that over in the state of Canberra, Australia, Google is already testing out and making deliveries by autonomous drones.| 
-[[https://​​news-story/​718d08420370864e8c0a25e04eb28616|As we have reported in the past the fashion community ​has dabbled ​with drones ​to help sell fashion items. Last year they used drones to show pursesthis year Dolce and Gabbana used drones to show off their clothing line instead ​of using models.]] +|[[https://​​remnants-of-wonderland-waste-away-in-theme-park-graveyard/​news-story/​dbb36d4e771ec9c01eae0e5922abb900|Wonderland Sydney: Video shows decaying remains ​of theme park]] ​Just 14 years ago, Sydney’s Wonderland was filled with the screeching of roller-coasters, the scent of dagwood dogs and the laughter and excitement of schoolkids spending their pocket money at Australia’s most loved theme park.| 
- +|[[https://​​2019/​01/​14/​lifeguards-lifevest-dji-mavic-pro/|Lifeguards drop lifevest from Mavic Pro with bait release system ]] - Lifeguards use Mavic Pro with a bait release system ​to drop the lifevest or PFD when the drone reaches the swimmer or surfer ​in need.| 
-==== Unofficial drone flying might halt Isle of Man TT motorcycle races === +|[[​c_137736317.htm|Man charged ​with drug offences after shooting down drone in Australia]] - A man has been arrested in Australia after allegedly shooting down dronewhich led police to his property ​where they found 187 cannabis plants and 20 kg of dried cannabis.| 
-[[|Isle of Man CAA has banned ​the use of drones ​during races and practice sessions ​to prevent any interference with emergency ​and filming activity with helicopters]] +|[[|Kerry woman goes viral after very Irish reaction ​to great white shark sighting at Australian beach]] ​Swimmers ​and surfers at Tamarama beach were this morning told to get out of the water or risk potential dangerA large Great White shark was sightedcalmly patrolling the shallows ​and chasing a seal until lifeguards managed to chase it back out to sea.| 
- +{{:​news:​images.jpg?​200}} 
-==== Aircraft regulator wans to enlist KIWI kids to help push drone safety message ==== +===== Videos ===== 
-[[https://​​c_id=1&​objectid=12066401|The Civil Aviation ​Authority wants to enlist schoolchildren ​to help spread ​the message ​of safety with drones to adult users, in the face of a rapidly rising number of near misses with planes]] +|[[​drone-captures-california-man-surfing-dolphins/​story?id=60298217|Drone captures California man surfing with dolphins ​]]| 
- +|[[​fly-drone-elevator|Guy Tests Out How Well A Drone Can Fly When It's In An Elevator]]| 
-==== Drones for good: UAV fleet to be used to combat plastic pollution plaguing the world'​s oceans ==== +|[[https://​​video-drone-flies-with-sandpipers-over-semiahmoo-bay/​|VIDEO: Drone flies with sandpipers over Semiahmoo Bay ]]| 
-[[|Plastic Tide’s drones survey beaches and bodies of water to quantify the scale of the problem. Software onboard the drones use algorithms to identify where the plastic is located. For each and every beach the team visits, they take hundreds of pictures which gives them wealth of data they can learn from and make their algorithms ​more accurate at identifying plastic ​in images.]] +|[[https://​​2019/​01/​16/​giant-spinning-ice-disk-maine-river-drawing-lots-attention/​2591315002/​|Giant spinning ice disk on Maine river is drawing lots of attention]]| 
- +|[[​2019/​01/​16/video-of-the-week-innovative-drone-soars-high-andes/|Video of the Week: Innovative Drone Soars High in the Peruvian Andes - GlacierHub]]| 
-==== Company introduces a new precision landing system for commercial drones ==== +|[[​|Church of Scientology’s Secretive ‘Gold Base’ Headquarters]]| 
-[[https://​​introducing-flytdock-smartest-precision-landing-solution-for-commercial-drones/|Knowing some of these applications can filter down in to the small UAV market, this very simple technology could improve precision landing ​for all drones]] +|[[​01/​14/​magical-scenes-of-naoussas-snow-covered-st-nicholas-park/​|Magical Scenes ​of Naoussa’s Snow-Covered StNicholas Park]]| 
- +|[[https://​|VIDEOCarving the ice]]| 
-==== Team Dedrone selected ​to compete at the Thunderdrone "Game of Drones"​ competition ==== +|[[https://​|Drone footage: Inter Pipeline petrochemical plant construction and arrival of massive splitter]]|
-[[​| Four of the leading anti-drone companies have teamed up to demonstrate the capabilities of layered detectiontracking, and classification solution that defends protected airspace against all drone threats.]] +
- +
-==== U.SOfficials warn Congress ​on risks of dronesseek new powers ==== +
-[[https://​|David Glawe, undersecretary ​for intelligence ​and analysis at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ​(DHS), and Hayley Chang, DHS' deputy general counsel, told the Senate committee that it needs new authority to disable or destroy threatening drones.]] +
- +
-==== Parrot releases a new rolling drone with some interesting features ==== +
-[[​06/​10/​parrot-drone-jumping-racing-sale/#​Wix6EOrJgmqz|What happens when you take some of the best features ​of a flying drone and stick it in a rolling oneParrot seems to have answered that question]] +
- +
-==== Finnish Government Tests Successful Drone UTM ==== +
-[[​06/​10/​finnish-government-tests-successful-drone-utm/|The program allowed the Finnish government ​to trial both a new drone inspection system ​for airport infrastructure,​ but also comprehensive traffic management system ​that will safely integrate ​drones ​and manned aircraft within ​the same airspace domain.]] +
- +
-==== Drone video of Aberdeen Armory fire ==== +
-[[https://​|Eric Timmons captured ​the devastating fire at the Aberdeen Armory using drone and shared it with his local news station]] +
- +
-=== Aydin Buyuktas bends drone images into otherworldly urban landscapes ==== +
-[[https://​|To create his images, Buyuktas photographs each location from several different angles with a drone and stitches his shots together using Photoshop creating unique and fascinating images.]] +
- +
-==== CAAS - More foreigners caught for drone violations ​==== +
-[[|The CAAS has identified that 12 visitors were caught between April last year and March this year not following the established rules in place for drones. ​In comparison for the entire year of 2016 they only had 3 violations.]] +
- +
-==== Drone footage reveals Heron'​s ​nesting secrets ==== +
-[[http://​​Drone-footage-reveals-herons-nesting-secrets.html|The footage of the heronry filmed at the Woodland Trust-owned Parrs Wood using a drone shows 18 nests perched ​in the tops of trees.It could provide ​more accurate assessment of the number of nests used by herons than estimates made from the ground.These results show the actual population ​is double ​that which was previously estimated.]] +
- +
-==== Drone designed to pollinate apples ​in the U.S ==== +
-[[https://​|Dropcopter, which uses drone to pollinate tree crops, successfully demonstrated its Worker-Bee pollinator at the at the 800-acre orchard, which is home to more than 350,000 trees, ​in Lafayette, New York.]] +
- +
-==== A single drone helped Mexican police drop crime by 10% ==== +
-[[|The city’s police department claims the solitary DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter led to more than 500 arrests and a 10 percent drop in overall crime rates, ​with a 30 percent drop in home robberies.Over four months, Avendaño’s department flew an average of 25 missions ​day (more than 1,600 total), deciding ​where to fly based on 911 call volumes.]] +
- +
-==== Science Panel Advises FAA to Loosen Drone Restrictions ==== +
-[[|When it came to curbing personal and recreational drone use due to the increase in near-misses between UAVs and commercial aircraft, the panel pleaded with the FAA to consider ​the scenario from different point of view“We do not ground airplanes because birds fly in the airspacealthough we know birds can and do bring down aircraft,​” they wrote.]] +
- +
- +
-===== Ken Videos ===== +
- +
-  * [[|See the Kitty Hawk flying car in action]] +
-  ​* ​[[​v=lUgpSCzuON8|Night flight over Hawaiian Lava fields]] +
-  ​* ​[[https://​​v=I6xbGitR2uY|DALLMYD finds a P4 Phantom at a wakeboard park]] +
-  ​* ​[[https://​|Kurt the '​CyberGuy'​ shares insight after a congressional hearing warns of an imminent drone threat.]] +
-  ​* ​[[​youtube_d8c268b5-6a67-58ec-93dd-fb9ba9015fe0.html|Drone footage ​of the venue in Singapore where the US and North Korea will hold their summit.]] +
-  ​* ​[[|Drone'​s eye view of the bridge demolition that temporarily closed parts of I-70 in Kansas]] +
-  ​* ​[[​v=PT1lYx1sZys|One long continuous drone shot of a very long military train in the U.S.]] +
-  ​* ​[[https://​|WATCHFly inside Safeco Field by drone]] +
-  ​* ​[[https://​|Stunning drone shots put the World Cup in motion]] +
-  ​+
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