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 +====== Drone News for Week of 1-7-09 ====== 
 +===== Drone NewsBytes Your Unfiltered Drone News Source ===== 
 +|[[https://​​2019/​01/​04/​dji-mavic-air-eagle/?​fbclid=IwAR3s3Onw7uULfyEx_gT7FCl7IgSBrG4uDma8IMbAJf_O1CqvTKKxerFd_3w|DJI Mavic Air attacked by eagle in Hong Kong ]] - DJI Mavic Air attacked by eagle. A photographer with a massive lens was quick to capture an eagle attacking the drone. Six spectacular photos show...| 
 +|[[https://​​news/​uk-46804425|Heathrow airport drone investigated by police and military ]] - "​Extensive searches"​ are being carried out in the area after reports of a drone halted flights on Tuesday.| 
 +|[[https://​​dji-smart-controller-takes-drone-flying-new-heights|The DJI Smart Controller takes drone flying to new heights ]] - This remote control builds on OcuSync 2.0, the system DJI's newest drones use to transmit video in HD. As long as the drone you're using, whether it's the Pro, the Zoom, or the Enterprise, uses OcuSync 2.0, the DJI Smart Controller is compatible.| 
 +|[[https://​​2019/​01/​08/​flytrex-raises-7-5-million-to-expand-drone-delivery-to-north-carolina/​|Flytrex raises $7.5 million to expand drone delivery to North Carolina ]] - Drone delivery startup Flytrex announced that it has raised $7.5 million to expand service to North Carolina, bringing its total raised to $10.5 million.| 
 +|[[https://​​2019/​01/​08/​airselfie-announces-three-exciting-new-pocket-camera-drones/​|AirSelfie Announces Three Exciting New Pocket Camera Drones ]] - Selfie sticks have been replaced by pocket-sized drones equipped with tiny propellers and obstacle avoidance systems. Leading the segment are AirSelfie’s Hands-free pocket camera drones at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2019 scheduled to take place January 8-11, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada.| 
 +|[[https://​​news/​local-news/​company-encouraging-law-enforcement-and-fire-departments-to-buy-new-drone-tech-to-improve-safety|Company encouraging law enforcement and fire departments to buy new drone tech to improve safety]] - A San Diego company is working to supply law enforcement and fire departments with a tethered drone.| 
 +|[[https://​​powervision-technology-group-launches-underwater-drone-at-ces/​|PowerVision Technology Group Launches Underwater Drone at CES]] - Equipped with an intelligent underwater camera and radar, PowerDolphin is intended for use in fishing, diving, and other water sports.| 
 +|[[https://​​archives/​88080|Drone Demonstrated Impressive Underground Performance ]] - During a recent demo, an autonomous drone was deployed to map tunnels as small as 3×3 meters, yielding accurate 3D renderings without sending miners into a potentially unsafe environment.| 
 +|[[https://​​news/​politics/​airport-drones-could-be-shot-down-with-missiles-after-gatwick-chaos-a4032216.html|Airport drones could be shot down with missiles after Gatwick chaos]] - Laws to allow anti-drone missiles at British airports are to be unveiled within months. Ministers want to establish the right of civilian authorities to defend themselves and the public from malicious drone activities, such as equipping them with military-style counter-measures in addition to signal-blockers and hunter drones.| 
 +|[[https://​​sport/​football-match-stopped-drone-lands-2399738|Football match stopped as a DRONE lands on the pitch, but was it the work of a rival manager? ]] - Buckland Athletic’s game at Brislington was brought to an unexpected halt on Saturday when a drone landed on the pitch. The Toolstation Western League fixture was 20 minutes old when the referee was forced to stop the game when the drone crash-landed on the pitch – much to the surprise and amusement of the players and supporters. The game, which ended in a 3-2 win for Newton Abbot club Buckland, was delayed until a Brislington player removed the pitch-invader from the field of play.| 
 +|[[https://​​120888-npps-drone-pictures-naked-wives-hanna-bissiw-rural-men.html#​undefined|Medical Drones will take pictures of your naked wives ]] - According to Dr. Hanna Louisa Bissiw, it is well known that every drone has high power pixel camera capable of taken pictures and so she suspects that government wants to clandestinely use the drones to take naked pictures of women in rural areas.| 
 +|[[https://​​2019/​01/​05/​washington-state-lawsuit-blends-drone-law-and-privacy-concerns/​|Washington State Lawsuit Blends Drone Law and Privacy Concerns ]] - A legal battle in Washington State may define the state’s future approach to aerial rights and drone law. Fort Discovery Inc., developer of a civilian gun range/​military and law enforcement training facility in Port Townsend, Wash., has filed multiple lawsuits against Tarboo Ridge Coalition, a group opposing the construction. According to the Peninsula Daily News, Fort Discovery attorney Greg Overstreet told the Jefferson County Commission that TRC members were violating the company’s aerial rights by flying drones over the proposed construction site.| 
 +|[[https://​​robotics-company-creates-3d-model-of-montreal-port-using-vr-and-drone-technology-1.4241776|Robotics company creates 3D model of Montreal port using VR and drone technology]] - Montreal’s port is steadily growing in size and importance, so it recently committed a Montreal start up to render a digital twin and help market the port internationally.| 
 +|[[http://​​institution/​ims/​english/​topics/​fr/​world-first-smart-precision-forestry-system-using-drone-laser-scanning.html|World first: Smart Precision Forestry System using Drone Laser Scanning ]] - This technology is not only an extremely effective practical technology for contributing to forest management and forestry growth industrialization demanded by forest managers and forestry enterprises,​ but also internationally original research and development.| 
 +|[[https://​​news/​state/​texas/​article223923010.html|Drone shows Texas firefighters rescuing stranded driver in floodwaters ]] - Volunteer firefighters in Rockdale, Texas came to the rescue of a driver who apparently ignored road barricades in a flooded area and became trapped on January 3. Drone footages shows the fire truck moving through water to get to the car.| 
 +|[[https://​​articles/​2019/​01/​09/​first-responders-in-idaho-take-advantage-of-drones.aspx|First Responders in Idaho Take Advantage of New Drone System ]] - <span style="​font-family:'​adelle-sans',​ sans-serif;​font-size:​17px;">​First responders in Coeur d'​Alene,​ Idaho are testing a new drone system that will allow them to receive information from the scene of an incident before they arrive.</​span>​| 
 +|[[https://​​photography/​orbi-360-glasses-drone-helmet-ces-2019/​|Orbi Crams 360-Degree Cameras Inside Glasses, Drones and Football Helmets ]] - 360 camera company Orbi is launching three new products for immersive video -- second-generation camera glasses, a 360-degree camera system for drones, and football helmets equipped with cameras and sensors. The football helmets offer a first-person view of the game -- and could help improve safety.| 
 +===== Australia Drone News ====== 
 +|[[https://​​story/​5827245/​drone-scanning-technology-wont-be-flying-in-the-central-west/?​src=rss|Drone safety: Scanning technology will not be installed in the Central West ]] - NEW drone-hunting technology being rolled out at major Australian airports will not be put in place across the Central West. Commencing this month, drones that breach a 5.5 kilometre exclusion zone around the country’s major airports will be electronically scanned for serial numbers and the owner’s location. The scanning technology is aimed at thwarting drone attacks and comes in the wake of the closure of Britain’s Gatwick Airport after drones infiltrated the restricted airspace.| 
 +===== Videos ===== 
 +|[[http://​​video/​2019/​01/​08/​more-drone-video-shows-wildfire-that-swept-through-wailea-late-sunday/​|More drone video shows the wildfire that swept through Wailea late Sunday.]]| 
 +|[[https://​​news-and-features/​news/​drone-films-views-of-bristol-cathedral-not-seen-for-500-years/​|Drone films views of Bristol cathedral that have not been seen in 500 years]]| 
 +|[[http://​​2019/​01/​04/​check-out-video-east-lawton-airdrone/​|WATCH:​ Timelapse drone footage of east Lawton after winter weather rolls through the area]]| 
 +|[[https://​​video/​navatics-mito-underwater-drone/#​J_dgK7nWVqqn|Navatcis MITO drone will make your underwater shots look stunning]]| 
 +|[[https://​​news/​uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-46810939|Coventry drone ban plan 'knee jerk' reaction ]]| 
 +|[[https://​​paddles-optional-manatee-pushes-canoe-204800676.html|Paddles Optional: Manatee Pushes Canoe Around Florida Beach ]]| 
 +|[[https://​​world/​video-the-flight-path-for-drones-unveiled-at-ces/​|The flight path for drones unveiled at CES ]]| 
 +|[[https://​​news/​local/​brownsville-pd-fire-department-use-drone-to-save-life-of/​article_5f465ce6-139b-11e9-ae2a-97366251ddb5.html|Brownsville PD, fire department use drone to save life of elderly man]]| 
 +|[[https://​​news/​articles/​massive-sinkhole-georgia--atlanta-swallows-gas-station-video-gwinnett-county-drone-video/​121901|News - MUST SEE: Massive sinkhole swallows gas station ]]| 
 +|[[https://​​2019/​01/​04/​new-years-drone-video-from-reykjavik-iceland/​|New Years Drone Video from Reykjavik, Iceland ]]| 
 +|[[https://​​news/​17334156.drone-footage-captures-pembroke-school-being-demolished/​|Drone footage captures Pembroke School being demolished]]|
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