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 +===== Mavic 2 - Current Available Mods =====
 +The Mavic 2 was locked down water tight by DJI. Efforts to mod the aircraft have been slow, but good. On the Mavic 1, we were able to edit parameters in DJI assistant 1.1.2; on the Mavic 2, many of these parameters have been removed and are not available. But, some are there .. basic speed mods. 
 +==== Assistant 1.1.2 parameters ====
 +List of available params in Assistant 1.1.2
 +==== NoLimitDronez - Firmware flashing and NFZ removal ==== allows a paid solution to flash firmware up/down as easily as you want. You can also remove NFZ in the 
 +==== Manual Mode ====
 +Include manual mode parameters
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