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   * V02.06.03.00 (12/​04/​2018)   * V02.06.03.00 (12/​04/​2018)
   * v02.06.06.00 (12/​23/​2018)   * v02.06.06.00 (12/​23/​2018)
-  * v03.00.02.00 (12/​09/​2019)+  * v03.00.02.00 (12/​09/​2019) ​- **CAUTION** - you will NOT be able to downgrade from this firmware once installed.
-It is reported that if you try to downgrade from v3.0.2.0 ​it bricks ​the CS+__**WARNING**__ If you install firmware ​v3.0.2.0 ​you will not be able to install firechain and thus will NOT be able to install ​the google play store.
 Rooting v3.0.2.0 is still possible! Source https://​​boards/​topic/​39/​howto-rooting-dji-crystal-sky/​page/​5#​5180 Rooting v3.0.2.0 is still possible! Source https://​​boards/​topic/​39/​howto-rooting-dji-crystal-sky/​page/​5#​5180
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-NOTE: Will be adding step through to this shortly, CantRepeat. Just to clarify, when I get time I will be adding the walk-through for rooting CS on firmware v03.00.02.00 (12/​09/​2019) and below. ​ 
- +It has been confirmed, the following google play store install will **NOT** ​work on v03.00.02.00.
-It has been said but not confirmed, the following google play store install will not work on v03.00.02.00.+
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